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Default Boston Celtics

What grade would you give the Boston Celtics since they got the big 3? They had great regular seasons, but they do seem to be on the decline now. They won one championship and they did that the very first year that they had the big 3. Right now, I guess I would grade them at 8/10 because they won just the one championship. If they win this year, which seems a bit unlikely right now, they will get a full 10/10 from me. They also contributed to the Raps demise, I think, after that awesome 06-07 season. Anyway, I thought this was a good time to grade them since they seem to be on the decline a bit right now.
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Everyone thought they were done last year at this time and they went to the finals. But I do think that as currently constructed they are almost at the end of their run. But I would say that this playoff season will tell us what's left in the tank for this team. I think trading Perkins was a big mistake. Overall grade since the big 3 were put together.....B+. Two NBA finals appearances, one championship.
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I'd give them an A. The Lakers have set the bar with three finals appearances and two chips in the last two years, so they're an A+. Boston's been the second best team in basketball over that span, and if it weren't for a KG bum knee they might have another championship in the bag.

RE: perkins. That deal hinges 100% on the health of Shaq over the course of the playoffs. Right now it's looking like a bust. If Shaq can come back and stay healthy in the playoffs, they'll be the team to beat, and the Perkins deal will look pretty good.
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