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Default bill simmons on sheed

anyone read this? as we watch the celts tonight and look at how crusty they look and how saddled they are with bad contracts, i can totally see the pain sports guy is feeling.

it goes on like this for many, many paragraphs. here are a couple of excerpts...

Sheed will finish the 2009-10 regular season next week as my least favorite Celtic ever, edging out Todd Day, Fred Roberts, Sidney Wicks, Curtis Rowe and Vin Baker. At least Vinnie had an excuse: a drinking problem. Sheed has an apathy problem. His doughy, nonchalant shadow looms over every game.

Sheed roped the Celtics into giving him an $18.9 million, three-year deal, made a big stink about breaking MJ's 72-win record and then showed up for training camp wearing a fat suit.

Sheed caused my 62-year-old father to send me the following text recently: "Wallace can't rebound, blocks nobody out, gets outhustled on every rebound and plays matador defense. What an awful Celtic!!!!"

Sheed caused me to respond, "You forgot about all the 3s he misses."

Sheed is so out of shape that Reggie Miller started a sentence during the Cavs-Celtics game on TNT last month with "When Rasheed Wallace gets into game shape "

Sheed has been healthy since the first day of training camp.

Sheed likes jogging at half-speed. He submits entire sequences -- two or three minutes at a time, six or seven trips up and down the court -- without ever passing either foul line. Sometimes I count to see how many consecutive possessions Sheed can pull off without crossing either charity stripe. His unofficial record is nine.
Sheed is so gifted that during a Clippers game in December, he pivoted Bill Walton-style, searched for a cutter, froze Brian Skinner, held the ball over his head for an extra second and then casually banked home a 15-footer flat-footed. Boston's bench guys had an appropriate reaction: part glee, part disbelief, part have-you-ever-seen-that-before? I was sitting 10 feet away. Rondo even slapped palms with a teammate and exchanged "I'm glad we shared that together" looks.

Sheed loves moments like that. He's like an antisocial cat that suddenly jumps onto your lap to mess with your head. Hey, buddy! Where'd you come from? This is great! Can I pet you? And just like that, they jump off.

Sheed never wanted the responsibility of being consistently great. That's a different kind of pressure. That's bringing it every month, every week, every game, every quarter. That's working in the gym long after everyone else has left. That's dealing with a steady stream of opponents saying to themselves before every game, "I'm playing Sheed tonight, I gotta give him my best." That's dealing with fans who expect you to come through instead of being pleasantly surprised when you do.

Sheed rarely goes down low, setting instead for 3-point attempts.
Sheed likes leaving people pleasantly surprised.

Sheed has earned $150 million in salary since 1995. Most fans, media members and other players regard his career as a success. And maybe it was. That's a lot of money. Until you remember that he has never made an All-NBA team. Or an All-Defense team. Or that he has made the All-Star team only four times (once as an injury replacement). Then it's not so impressive.
Bill Simmons: Smoke and mirrors - ESPN
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is dead inside

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Boston is so shit it's not even funny. THere average age is like 50 years old. They have old crusty memeber s on their team. Ainge has to realize taht and rebuild
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payin Dwyane Wade

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At least they had good players that played defense and have won a championship.
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thinking Stephen Harper has got to go.

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They are still able to beat the Raptors
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is pounding the rock! (Edit)

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Sounds a little like Bargnani...

haha just kidding !
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