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Default Derrick Williams Sees Himself As NBA Small Forward

If Derrick Williams had to compare himself to any current NBA players, his best picks would be hybrid forwards Michael Beasley, David West and Antawn Jamison.

Will Williams play more small forward or power forward in the NBA? That's a point of contention.

"I like when people say 3-4 more than a 4-3," Williams said. "A 4-3, most people think you're 6-foot-10, 250 pounds. Being 6-8, 6-9 and 240, it gives me a real advantage, especially if I play the 3. I don't like being labeled a power forward at all."
Derrick Williams Sees Himself As NBA Small Forward - RealGM Wiretap
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Hes like Blake Griffin but can also hit the 3. Put him at the SF and we're good to go.
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A little article I found on Derrick Williams:

In various mock drafts, Williams is seen battling with Irving for the first overall spot and that's mainly because of the different positions the two prospects are projected to play in the NBA.
With the league being dictated by point guard play now, there's a greater demand for that position and the potential that Irving has to excel playing the one is viewed to be too good to pass up.
Williams, on the other hand, is a versatile player who will likely see time at small forward but has the skill set to possibly play a little power forward at the next level.
Were this another time, Williams would be the unanimous No. 1 selection because, of all the top-five prospects, he's clearly the most NBA ready and has the ceiling to possibly become a star.
The former Wildcat is a versatile player with superb offensive skills and a mental acumen for the game that allows him to make use of his varied toolbox effectively.
According to scouts, in his repertoire he possesses an excellent jump shot with range that stretches out to the three-point line, he can post-up where he uses the speed advantage that he has on most defenders to turn them inside out and, because he's a good athlete with a quick first step, he can penetrate into the lane where he likes to finish with force.
As polished as his game is, there are concerns surrounding Williams and they mostly have to do with his physical stature.
The California-native is seen as a bit of a "tweener" because even though he has a good first step, he isn't the best ball-handler and when he tries to break defenders down off the bounce in isolation situations he has a tendency to turn the ball over - something that will be a problem in the NBA as wing players generally do need to be able to make one-on-one moves.
Standing at 6-foot-8 and weighing 241 lbs means he's a good size for a small forward but because he likes to post-up and will likely see time at the four, he'll certainly run into problems with bigger, more physical defenders - particularly because he doesn't have good natural strength, meaning he'll always need to rely on his quickness in the post.
His lack of strength will also hurt him defensively as opponents will be able to bully him in the post and his average lateral quickness means there will be times when he gets left in someone else's wake out on the perimeter.
From a Raptors perspective, some of the liabilities that Williams brings aren't very eye-catching but they are things that could be corrected if they were to draft him as he'll be given greater role definition to solve his position dilemma and the strength issue is something that almost every prospect will face.
The offensive talents the Arizona product holds could mesh in an interesting way with the current makeup of the team as it is now. With Williams' excellent range, Toronto will have a real threat from deep - something it was sorely lacking last season - and because he is a good athlete, he fits perfectly into the direction of athleticism that General Manager Bryan Colangelo and the rest of his staff is taking the team in.
That excellent bounce he possesses also makes him a very good rebounder and having an extra guy on the team who's willing to crash the glass means that the easy transition buckets the Raptors want to get will have a greater chance to happen as they need to secure the ball in order to start a fast break.
Raptor Report: Prospect Watch - Derrick Williams - Basketball Wires - MiamiHerald.com

Their conclusion is that if the Raptors have the second pick and Irving is off the board, Williams should be selected regardless of positional needs. Agree or disagree?
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Originally Posted by js12 View Post
Their conclusion is that if the Raptors have the second pick and Irving is off the board, Williams should be selected regardless of positional needs. Agree or disagree?
This conclusiom is correct for other 29 teams as well
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is not changing this sig until we win a playoff series

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Hope we get this guy
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"It doesn't really matter too much to me," Williams said when asked how much he cares whether he is taken first or second. "Whoever does choose me is making the right choice. Whoever doesn't choose me, I'm just going to try to get back at them and know why they didn't choose me."
"I'm not a 4 [power forward], I'm a 3 [small forward]," he said. "Whoever picks me will find that out. I'm just a lot more skilled than most people think I am."
Derrick Williams tells Wolves: Choosing me is 'the right choice' | StarTribune.com

Williams thinks he is the best player in the draft and he has his sights on an award.

"I'm not cocky or anything," he said. "But that's the main focus right now is to win Rookie of the Year."
from insider

althought quotes can be misconceived, especially with the help of a reporter, i'm not liking this kid as much as i used to.
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I looked at Derrick highlights
then I looked at Clevland roster...

Isn't he just a perfect fit there?
How much better could Kyrie be? If they draft Kyrie, they have to get rid of some PGs, if they draft DW, they fill a void at SF and be in great shape.


and then trade #4 for Alec Burks

Cleveland has a good roster, much better than Toronto I say.
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Cleveland thinks Williams can't be SF, at least on their team, in Princeton offense. CAVS has nothing, no future PG, no SG, SF... and so on. There is such thing as draft for position if we talking about CAVS. One thing they have is JJ Hickson. He and Williams are both PFs.
Their PG's looks ok, but Davis is not a long term, and he would be a mentor to Kyrie. Sessions is a scorer and I believe CAVS wants to get rid of him. Boobie is undersized SG...
If they pass on Kyrie, I will be surprised.
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