CBS Sports:Freddette bad fit for the NBA
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Cool CBS Sports:Freddette bad fit for the NBA


This past season was all about The Jimmer. I'll admit I caught the fever, heading out west on two separate occasions to get a firsthand look at the BYU star who had become the face of college basketball.

He was fun to watch with his unlimited range, uncanny array of moves around the basket and stone-cold smile.

But I'm worried about the Jimmer. I mean, legitimately concerned.

Without a huge advantage on offense, Jimmer Fredette's defensive deficiencies will be harder to ignore. (Getty Images)
I understand he can shoot the ball from deep and has a skill -- scoring the basketball -- that should translate to the next level.

But getting past New Mexico's Dairese Gary, arguably the top perimeter defender in the Mountain West, just isn't quite the same as having to try and circumvent Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook or Rajon Rondo.

I mean, The Jimmer struggled against Florida's Kenny Boynton -- a future overseas player -- in the NCAA tournament.

According to nearly everyone I spoke to in attendance in Las Vegas last July, Fredette was eaten up a year ago when he was part of a select group of college players chosen to help prepare the NBA guys for the world championships.

The NBA is a long way from Provo and the Mountain West.

I'm not sure there's truly a guy in the NBA that Fredette can guard, but obviously that won't be why he gets on the court. However, if he's a complete liability -- as he was on that end of the court in college -- he won't get playing time.

In college, his offensive skills were clearly superior to nearly all of his opposition. At the next level, there won't be much of a gap -- if there's any at all.

The Jimmer supporters will attempt to point to his porous defense as a result of remaining out of foul trouble or trying to conserve energy.

It's B.S.

The kid averaged a little more than one foul per game (1.3, to be exact), so you can toss that one out the Marriott Center window -- and as far as trying to save his wind, just watch the end of any close game and Jimmer's hands still don't raise above his waist.
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