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Funny and informative interview from Grantland:

Grantland: The first thing you need when you enter the NBA is the perfect nickname. Do you already have any in mind? Or do you need the hookup?

Biyombo: [Laughing.] I have a lot of nicknames. Growing up my friends, my brothers, and my cousins always called me "Master." They were being sarcastic, I think, because I am always bossing them around. So, when I first step in the League in Congo, my teammates hear my brothers call me that, and they start to call me "Young Master." Then I keep growing, and they take the "Young" away, so I'm just "Master" again. Now when I go home and show up at the court, they still call me Master.

In Spain, one day when I was walking to the gym, [former teammate Esteban] Batista called me
"'La Pantera" — "The Black Panther." He just made it up that second but the name stuck. At my agent's office, I walk down the hallway and everyone says, "La Pantera, La Pantera." I like it — "The Black Panther" — that's my favorite.

Then in Portland at the Hoops Summit, my teammates were calling me all kinds of nicknames! They called me "Big Mac" and I was like, "What? What is this, Big Mac?" Then one guy was like, "We want to call you 'Big Smack.'" So I said, "OK, you can call me 'Big Smack.' I can roll with that." They had all kinds of nicknames for me, a different one every day. Kevin Pangos, the Canadian, one time he said during practice, "Dude, you're the fuckin' 'Business,' man. That's your new name." I asked why. He said, "Dude, when you're on the floor, you're all business. We're gonna call you 'The Business.'" Soon everyone was calling me "The Business." It's amazing how fast you can get a nickname. When I'm in the League, I think I'll have no choice. People will call me something, and I'll just have to go with it.
What's Your Deal? with Bismack Biyombo - Grantland
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