The Zan Tabak Herald: Chris Bosh Setting The Tone For 2009 Season
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Default The Zan Tabak Herald: Chris Bosh Setting The Tone For 2009 Season

Originally Posted by The Zan Tabak Herald
Recent reports from Matt Devlin, say that Chris Bosh has gained 15 pounds of muscle and is working tirelessly on his game. And what’s not to love about that. While some stars reach a certain level and stop working, it’s the ones who aim to improve every single year who turn into something special.

Case in point. Take a guy like Vince Carter. (Here we go again, right. Another jaded Raptor fan taking a jab at number 15 — but he is the quintessential example.) A man gifted with talent. Could jump through the roof and blow by most defenders. Yet, as the years went by, he never really took his game to the next level. Determination and dedication being the missing factors.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan. (Fittingly inducted into the hall of fame today.) A man, with a skill set not before seen in the league. But also a man who’s hard work and dedication carried him beyond his God given talent, into what some would call the greatest career of any player to ever take the court.

And while Bosh never possessed the talent of man like Michael Jordan, his grit and desire to improve his game every year is what could turn him into a superstar in the league, not just a star.

Sure, a cynic could turn to you and say he’s in a contract year, and has nothing but dollar figures to gain from improving his numbers. But to that person I say, what year hasn’t Bosh come back, bigger, better, or more determined? It’s in his nature.

And for that reason, and that reason only, Bosh will get a max contract next summer. Without the attributes described above, he becomes another fringe star, just below the Lebron’s, and the Kobe’s. With them, the sky’s the limit. Almost frightening to think just how good he could be when the big man hits his prime.
Source - Chris Bosh Setting The Tone For 2009 Season. The Zan Tabak Herald
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