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Originally Posted by Bill Haverchuck View Post
See, the thing is, we've never done anything with our cap space because of our particular GMs style of managing (which might have been influenced by past ownership, so he might not be entirely to blame).
Well depends how you look at it. Our dear GM got us Turk a few years and Fields just a few months ago, this is our cap space right there. :cookie:
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all i know is that the ACC was a madhouse again on Friday, and likely will be today...this game will get coverage...it could be the start of a positive wave...much needed. When Toronto fans are happy, they are awesome.
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yeah, not the vancouver grizzlies please.
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Originally Posted by DanH View Post
I'm confused as to how the Raps could have offered the Grizzlies more cap relief had they had 6 million more in cap relief themselves. We were already well over the cap, and maxed out our 150% as it was.

Also, BC being the GM for the next few years is a pretty safe bet, considering ownership approved this deal. So the future, when we might have a GM who likes financial flexibility, will not be impacted by this deal. He'll likely be impacted by the DD extension and Lowry's upcoming re-signing, but not the Gay deal or any of the Fields, Kleiza, Bargnani contracts.
I was sloppy. I'll elaborate on what I was thinking in the middle of night/morning, since some details are missing. I was picking on Fields since his contract annoys me the most.

The point I was making about space would have involved more than $6 million, really, although I only mentioned Fields's $6 mill in that particular post you responded too. I mentioned Kleiza as deadweight earlier too. Fields's contract was the more annoying one because people were so dimissive, and it started the inneficient eating of the cap space this summer. If there was a plan to value space and do a real rebuild, I doubt a GM would give $2.5 mill to Gray this year, although that is an assumption, of course. The GM might even have amnestied Kleiza if he was really rebuilding. So, hypothetically, we could have been closer to the payroll minimum at the start of the year (that's my understanding). And if you're looking to make a big trade later in the year, and take advantage of a team by getting one of their better players or picks, having all that space would be wise. After that, Jose + Ed going out gives us over 20 mill in space.

My thinking was our GM gets to Memphis on the phone and pulls off a deal for Rudy and Speights (and bonus pick) with that cap space before the Grizzlies ever panic and do the Cleveland deal.

Anyway, overall, my point is simply that people were too quick to dimiss the wasting of cap space during our "rebuild." A number things could have played out much differently, and more in our favor, without use of hindsight. We just needed to keep in mind some of the trades that had gone down the past 2 years and the fact that the harsher tax penalties were coming.

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