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Default Why?

Why you all saying Raptors are gonna do bad now cause of preseason? As I remember Toronto was always successful in Preseason and ended up screwing up in regular season... maybe this year its the opposite.
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is in the cut

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Fuck the pre season, we may not be the best team but we're going to do just fine.
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Ya, pre-season doesn't mean anything. Just look at the Raptors hockey-playing counter parts...
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waiting for the Masai-a

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We didn't do particularly well in pre-season, but that is only one indicator of how the team will do this season and cannot really give us the whole picture. The players did not go full strength, rotations were not final and there was a lot of experimentation which resulted in 3rd stringers getting extended playing time.

Pre-season games just don't mean as much to players as it does to us, the fans who want to see wins regardless. Orlando won all their pre-season games and all that tells me is that they take their pre-season games more seriously. Either way, whether it translates into a championship season has yet to be seen.
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a Raptors fan

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Preseason or not, the stats aren't pretty. They really aren't. So in that sense I can understand the uneasiness and I do think a little concern is warranted. But anyone pushing the panic button right now, without this team having even played one meaningful game, seriously needs to give their head a shake, pop a T3 and chill.

There are so many new faces on this team that it wouldn't surprise me if some guys still didn't have all of their teammates' names memorized.
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I think it woulda been better, that in the last game, if we played our rotation and gave them all the minutes they are gonna get in the regular season
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It is BECAUSE there are so many new players that the Raptors had to use the preseason in a way most teams might not. It is especially in their case that the preseason doesn't mean as much. Not too many teams play 12 guys per game, but to me the the first 7 or 8 guys in the rotation aren't too shabby. Too bad Reggie's not here yet. It would be nice to have him pop someone smug in the mouth and set the tone.
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There were a number of games, especially towards the end of the pre-season, where we played games trying out different player combinations rather than playing to win. Triano even said as much - that he hadn't played his final, regular season rotations yet.

The closest we got was the final pre-season game, where Hedo got hurt and a rusty Antoine Wright got lots of PT.

I'm not happy with the pre-season results, but there were a lot of positives to take out of it as well.
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Landing flight 31

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@TC's av, Bosh needs to look like that! he needs some intimidation in him
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