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moving forward in the next 5 years, i want DD, Bayless, Julian Wright, sonny if he goes back to how he played last season, Amir, and Davis. if players can live to their potentials..
Bayless - Westbrooke
Weems - Harden/Sef
Wright - Jeff
Amir/Davis - Ibaka

that is our dream
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imo, the right way to judge things are from a market perspective. It always makes sense to buy low and sell high. Other than the rare untouchable player (any player who normally can't be acquired in a trade should be deemed untouchable), all teams should try to trade players when they're having great years. The trick is knowing when a player has reached his ceiling, so that you don't trade him too early. There's also the added complication that usually if you initiate a trade, you will not get top value, it's always better to let the other teams make overtures.

With that in mind, Bargnani and Amir are probably playing above their real value and should be traded for young assets if possible. There's an outside chance Amir might improve, but let's face it, he's a 6th year veteran, any offensive improvements at this point will be marginal.

Demar and Bayless are on the bubble, they're still developing and will probably increase in value after next season. On the other hand, teams might be willing to overpay for Demar for some of that unrealized potential. If we could turn derozan and some other minor assets into stephen curry, we should probably do it. Still, it's quite unlikely either of them will net us anything worthwhile.

The older guys (kleiza, barbosa, calderon, evans, wright, weems) will probably be actively shopped, but I doubt we'll get anything valuable for them, maybe barbosa could net us a low 1st rounder if a contender becomes desperate at the deadline.

The only untouchable on this team is Ed Davis, who at times is showing great defensive potential, and is much too raw to net us anything decent in return.

As far as what I think it will happen, I'm pretty sure Bargnani, Barbosa, Kleiza and Evans will be gone next season while Jose will probably stay, unless somebody blows our mind.
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The keepers for me are DD as the starter and andrea if we can get an ACTUAL MAN to defend the paint. For Bargnani if we can package him to get us a legit SF then i would not be too dispointed as we can start ed Davis. For the back ups, i would keep amir, bayless and really that is all there is thats even worth anything on this team. The rest of our bench sucks except barbosa and i do not see him here next year. I mean a guy like julian wright, Sonny weems (he is fucking shit he had a lucky year next year i think his head has gotten too big) and reggie will barely get 5 minutes on any other team.
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Ship Bargnani off and get a real center and someone else to shoot his damn three pointers...

Keepers are

- DeRozan. Of course. Build the team around him!

- Weems. Keep him and let him develop... if he doesn't, at least keep him around to make DeRozan happy. But I believe in Weems, he just needs to realize what do do and when and he will be a solid starter/sixth man for us

- Amir. Still got mad talent! Has the potential to become a better offensive player as well.

- Bayless. Just because he's young... i don't really like his game. Don't think that he could be a guy that runs our team. But I've been wrong before.

- Wright. Love his game! Solid defender and could still be better and I think he WILL be better. Great potential.

- Davis. Could be a great player in this league for MANY years.
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Ed Davis

I think Bayless can run the team. When he's got the starting job secured and he's not trying hard to impress he's a solid PG. He's been showing signs of maturity recently. He's not a 15&10 PG, more like a 17&8 with good D.

If the coaching staff believes they can teach Wright to shoot better he's a keeper for sure.

Amir's great as a smallish PF that can run the break and provide good energy.

Ed Davis, DD are both going to be very very good.

Bargnani is still getting better. I think he's still a few years away from his peak, and could benefit from playing next to a defense first center with good size.

Just add a combo guard off the bench, starting small forward and a legit center and that's a really good rotation.

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Ed Davis, everyone is easily expendable if the right deal comes around.
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ed davis

but if the right deal came i'd still trade any of them
but i like bayless as the 2nd PG, if amir improves more he should be a starter but with his current skills he should be a bench player
i'm too much of a sucker for ed davis' defense so i want to keep him, same with wright and he has some good passing and high IQ

my typical rotation would be:

PG: someone new and better than jose
SG/SF: someone new and demar (hopefully an allstar level demar who could lead the team)
PF/C: ed davis and Bargs (hopefully a more experienced and skilled ed davis)

bayless, amir, wright, everyone else can be new, i do not mind keeping barbosa
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