What JO Actually Means to the Toronto Raptors
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Default What JO Actually Means to the Toronto Raptors

This is a pretty good read courtesy of David Aaron Lindsay at the Bleacher Report. He talks about the affect that two players that average 10 rebounds per game can have on a team's apparent success.

Check it out:

Originally Posted by David Aaron Lindsay
However, there is a common theme in most of the analysis I have come across that simply baffles me—the idea that JO would only have a major impact on the club if he is able to return to 20-10 form.

I got news for ya. If JO returned to 20-10 form the Raptors would be the odds on favorite to win it all, not just improve slightly. Nobody—and I mean nobody —has two 20-10 guys in today's NBA. I went back to 2001 (as far back as ESPN has readily available) and NOT ONE team has had two guys even average 10 rebounds in the same season, let alone 20 and 10 each.

I'm going to focus on the rebounds portion of this analysis because there are numerous teams that have had two guys average more than 20 points a game with little correlation to overall success.

The closest teams to having two 10 rpg guys were as follows:

'06-07 Suns: Marion and Amare averaged just under 10 rebounds each. That team, won 61 games—and had a rough (and questionable) playoff exit.

'05-06 Clippers: Brand was right at 10 boards a game, with Kaman slightly under at 9.6. That team won a respectable 47 games in a year where there were two 60-win teams and a Suns team that put up 54 wins in the same conference. They also lacked a true point guard, which the playoffs exposed.

'04-05 Heat: Shaq pulled down 10.4 and Haslem added just over nine. This team won 59 games that year, and won the championship the following year with basically the same team.

'04-05 Suns: Marion pulled down 11.4 that year, with Amare right around nine. That team won 62 games and made the West Finals.

So basically, in the last eight or so years, there have been four teams that have come close to having two guys average 10 boards a night. All four experienced a great deal of success (except maybe the Clippers) in the regular season, with other deficiencies eventually killing them in the playoffs.

The thing I take from this is, that even if JO where completely healthy and in his prime, it would be nearly impossible for two guys on the same team to put up 20-10. That's not to say they both don't have the ability to do so, just that there isn't enough ball to go around on a nightly basis for both guys to average this over the entire regular season.

If this ever happened, I am quite confident that we woudn't be looking at just a good team or a great team, but a once-in-a-lifetime team. I just don't see the precedence for any conclusion to the contrary.
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Nice read. That made me wish that JO can average 10 rebounds. If he did then the Raptors would be set to go a long way
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Just wait until Bargs turns it on and we have three guys averaging 10 rebounds. arty-smiley-021:
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Originally Posted by t-bag View Post
Just wait until Bargs turns it on and we have three guys averaging 10 rebounds. arty-smiley-021:
What KoolAide are you drinking? LOL
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