We're getting there...
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Default We're getting there...

Okay, so i used to be a big optimist/apologist for this team... but this year's version has me as frustrated as most of you and with good reason. There's one trend in particular of late that has me baffled. I realize it's to the media but lately there have been a lot of players and coaches saying "we're getting there, really close" as in 'to winning' or 'to being a good team'.

Why are we talking about getting there over a third of the way through the season? This is the best team we've had on paper in 3 years is it not? We had a training camp with everyone pretty much in attendance...why are the players talking about 'getting there'? This is it..this is the season...it's go time! Losing to OKC, Golden State and other sub par teams says we're not even close!

I don't see the team getting anywhere really... for a few games it looked like the defence was improving but that's faltered again of late. Rebounding hasn't steadily or consistantly improved... the wing players are sucking more than ever. Even when our big three play above their statistical averages we still lose to bad teams... it's clear to everyone changes need to happen.

I'd like to hear no more talk of "we're getting there" and begin to SEE ALL the players playing their tails off and see what happens....but at this point I'm expecting without significant roster moves a lottery pick next year.
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They do not have the same fight in them that they did after starting so poorly record-wise two seasons ago. That team had nobody playing for themselves. I don't think that was very much in evidence last season either, contrary to what is considered as a given when speaking of TJ's unholy selfishness. This season I see 10 guys all playing on their own little islands, for the most part, and the change in coaches has made that a condition that is not going to be overcome anytime soon.

I was always a bit of an apologist myself, because I could see that roles were pretty much accepted, and that always leaves room for a lot of hope. Now without that, I really don't even feel frustrated. I feel like some rich fucks are thinking more about their own egos than the game that I have enjoyed being a witness to for a long time. I'm much closer to being angry, much like with the TSN2 debacle. I can only hope now that things can be cleaned up, but this season is gone.
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