We all want Reggie Evans ASAP but...
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Default We all want Reggie Evans ASAP but...

Everyone keeps saying "When Reggie Evans comes back, don't worry, we'll be good..." and I understand, his presence on the court will be huge for this team because we haven't seen a gritty guy like that in ages but do you honestly believe that one player, who will barely get 20 minutes a night, can set the tone for the whole team (which by the way, is the worst defensive team in the league)? It's only 17 games into the season but we needed to address the issue of defense and toughness. As much as I like the players on the squad, we need to shake things up a bit. This team won't get better defensively unless we add 2 more guys (at the very least) who can be of an assistance on defense and on the boards. Not only that, but going back to the Pierce on Bosh dunk from last night's game, out of all the players on the roster, I only saw Turkoglu go after Pierce and the Celtics and Jack thereafter. It's really sad that Triano, Iavaroni and English are the ones that have to back up the squad. It is a MUST for the Raptors to go out and get these fearless players because despite all the finesse on this team, there isn't enough toughness.
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he's not gonna change much, he's very limited even defensively as he can't even jump over a phonebook. Still no true shotblocker, no true pressence down low.
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Why isn't he back yet, it's been quite a long time coming from a sprained ankle?? Never seen someone recover that slow, so i suppose there is another agenda here probably a BC move coming.
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evans is a 5 mpg guy, he'll only be useful when we need a "goon" on the floor
anybody who thinks evans will change how we defend is in for a major dissapointment.
amir is 2x the player evans is today, anyway you look at it.
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Evans isn't anything special I don't know why people talk about him so much. Amir is doing a fine job as first Big off the bench. Evans won't get anything near 20mpg Crip
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can u guys imagine evan and amir on at the same time, there will be no offence but defence would be beautiful, no one will dare to drive into the lane. finally than we can have some stops. On the side note, do you think evan would have gotten into pierce's face if he was actually in the game when Bosh got raped. I don't think Raptors need evan's points rebounds or block, we just need him to be a role model, hopefully players like Bargs and Calderon can learn to grow a pair like evan
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yes he wont get any even small minutes, but it will be his presence in the locker room, on the bench, in training and in the 5mpg's he'll get that we will see what having a goon hard-ass can do to a bunch of easily scared wimps.

in my mind BC brought Reggie in to teach Bargs how to locate his balls, and if that happens, then you've got Bargs with more swagger and an imposing nature instead of pump fake deep two bargs.
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