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^ not to mention Babcock's story that he made his demands public after playing like shit and forcing the coaches hand to sit him, instead of letting them know what he would like in private and continuing to play like a pro.

He was given way too much leeway as a de facto gm, and that is on MLSE, but he abused that leeway terribly after they gave in to a lot of his demands, and left the team in a horrible position.
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Originally Posted by Acie View Post
Damon forced a trade mid-season.

Just sayin'.
That's right...... because Isiah was let go as GM right? And he wanted to "go home" to POR?

Forgot about that.... true enough.

Fuck him too then.

But at least he still played hard until he was gone.

Originally Posted by Kidd View Post

(minus the Bosh and Damon line - Bosh was "injured" near the end of his last season, basically did the same as Carter, just a less obvious way)

It's the principle behind it.
The fact that some people still believes this makes me just shake my head....

Guy is playing his ass off having a career year looking forward to leading his team into the playoffs... and then gets a freak injury THAT IS CONFIRMED BY DOCTORS to be a facial fracture.

You don't don't fracture your face and then play the very next game as an NBA big man. That would be suicide.

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The day that Wince rejoins this team is the day that i will stop following this franchise
And retire his jersey???'ve got to be fucking kidding me
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Originally Posted by @BaileysBlitz View Post
We traded Carter for Joey Graham essentially,as far as relevance goes.

Zo- bought out
A.Will- cut or bought(can't remember,but rarely played)
E. Will- traded for scraps I believe (struggled mightily when he did play)
1st round pick(used in a trade to acquire Antonio Davis who had an expiring contract in the jalen rose deal)
1st round pick- drafted joey graham (only piece from this deal that lasted more than a couple seasons and was a BUST!)

Biggest rip off,I don't know how Stern and co. allowed this deal. I'm even more baffled as to why Babcock agreed to and refused to call off this trade,smh!
lol i remember who we got i was just making a point to how worthless they are but according to babcock it was the best deal he could find (trading with a division rival at that) i just think that when you look at the crap youre getting back (alonzo was old even if he didnt know that he'd refuse to come) and that youre best player has a change of heart, i wouldve pulled the trigger on this trade. i wouldnt have agreed to it in the first place though
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