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Originally Posted by Raptorman View Post
I'm starting to think there is a master plan at work to bring back VC for the 29 yr anniversary and the throwback jerseys. Bet you VC is in on it as well. And Drake.

If it happens, we will set our franchise back 10 years.

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Well they've already started that plan by throwing all this VC is a good guy and the victim propaganda on us in the form of TV specials like the Sportsnet one or even that portion of Open Gym episode 5. Heck, even Drake stitched an old school VC jersey into his suit that night. He could have gone with another player like maybe an original Damon Stoudamire, or he could have used a blank jersey. I'm not saying that these things may not be right and we all have the wrong image of VC, but they're all clearly one-sided views of things that are designed to soften our feelings about him so that next season the options are more open to VC doing something related to the 20th anniversary. Even if the majority of people don't buy into those things, each time they show that stuff there's bound to be a certain percentage of people that will be softened by it. Their goal is probably to get enough of the people to be softened to it so VC can return for the anniversary in some way.
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Vince will be needed for the All-Star weekend at the very least. All the softening up will maybe stave off the embarrassment of hosting the event while having fans boo the main figure representing the history that will be celebrated to some extent, or at least acknowledged. I think that is what all the pr is mostly about. That, and something of an erasing of everything that happened between then and now, particularly Colangelo.
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I never imagined this many people would still be upset with Vince. I was as angry as anyone then, but honestly, it was so long time ago and truth to be told, we were a fucked up team with fucked up management and fucked up ownership.

Now we are different, even the ownership has changed. It is time to get over it and enjoy your Raptors. And Vince is signing with us in the off-season, better get used to it! Perfect fit off the bench instead of Salmons. And finally coming full circle and having closure.
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I think Vince should just walk away after this season. Who would have thought that "soft" VC would at any time be the 4th oldest player in the NBA.. Looks like if he does walk away, he'll settle just ahead of Parish and just behind Barkley on the all time points list. With one more kick at the playoff can with Memphis, is that enough for HOF?

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