Ulmer: "OíNealís fate is tied to Bargnaniís" - Page 2
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Originally Posted by takman_777 View Post
you will get no argument from me, he is the only piece we should get rid of from the top 5 guys...i am going to start a thread...
please don't start a new thread about moving Jermaine Oneal or keeping him... please.
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is tired of all the Jose hating on this forum! sigh...

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nah, it's way more than that, should be a fun poll!
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is pounding the rock!

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I'd say Brian Colangelo's fate in Toronto is tied to the success of Andrea Bargnani.
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is dead inside

you ain't bout that life
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I'd say Jo's is to because if Bargs plays good then bye bye JO and if Bargs plays.......you know wat I am going to say so I wont say it. I don't want to ginx anything
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Originally Posted by Snooch View Post
Secret workouts with other teams.......
Secret workouts with SuperHead!
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all right

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Originally Posted by Claudius View Post
Really? Done? You really hoenstly think that? Mind qualifying that statement. I'm not a huge JO fan, but he's far from being done really. He's in the wrong situation.

And really, who cares if he's there or not. Everytime he's played for us, he's given 100% and that's all I care about. I don't care if they're a cheer leader or not. When he's on there he's giving all out effort. Sounds like a real "shithead" to me.
if he has given a 100% why do we lack so much for rebounding,why did he done all of stupid shot instead of given the ball to the open man,why is he a guy who just think about his stats, he show all those things in the game.we could have win other games if he would at least shot when he is open,how many did we saw him shoot the ball from mid-range when there is defence on him.He have the same talent in mid-range shot than voskhul(btw voskhul should never do mid-range shot becaus he suck at this)
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