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It's not about learning the fundamentals of the defense. It's about reversing the fundamental flaw from the last couple of seasons - they used up far too much energy running on offense, and had nothing left for defense, or anything by the time they got halfway through the third quarter. Running and taking quick shots also killed them defensively, with poor floor balance leading to easy points going the other way.
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Originally Posted by box1992 View Post
Triano- offense and no defense
Casey- defense and no offense
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And the third portion
Triano - team with no talent
Casey - team with no talent
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Face it, most of our team is young and athletic, most of our points are going to come off fast break, our half court game isn't good at all, and with rasual shooting 50% of the shots, its not a pretty sight. We got to get easy looks off steals, and turnovers. We have to capitalize on our defense, use our possessions wisely
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all you have to do is look at the scoreboard to get it.
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Originally Posted by bozonic View Post
Is it my imagination ...Last year looks a lot like this year except Casey frowns on sideline where Jay used to look coach...focus on defense...Bargnani gets 20 and 5 ... Bayless, Gray, Kleiza hurt ..Jose looks interested again...Rasual Butler pleez, DD shooting guard ,huh

the cards move around the table but results the same... They get a look like a deer in the headlights and they know they can't win in last 5 minutes unless they have 10 pt lead..Up by a few in first quarter then slide by half and down in the fourth

I will give them the benefit of the doubt that short pre season has them struggling with new sets...

Despite injuries last year I thought team was trying most nights. The last few games with the revolving cast I am not sure... the improvement of Il maggo and Jose has been offset by JJ the turnover machine and Mr. Butler and DD///

It certainly looks bleak...besides at least Jay threw in a few Fucks along the way in interviews. Casey sounds like a mortician xD

I wish I understood what you said in that first paragraph.
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