Top 5 List: Why The Raps Will Be 1 & Done…Again!
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Default Top 5 List: Why The Raps Will Be 1 & Done…Again!

Not the most optimistic article today, but a good read nevertheless.

Originally Posted by Raptors Republic
5. Jamario Moon
Seems like his success from last season made him ‘fat’. It doesn’t appear he worked very much on his game during the summer, case in point: his jumper. For a guy who likes to shoot so much, and apparently has free reign to do so, it doesn’t fall nearly enough to justify the attempts. With O’Neal living in the low blocks, Moon will have more space to jack them at will. On a positive note, construction costs for the house he is building will be low (get it, all the bricks???). Sadly, the fans will be absorbing the cost…

4. Jose Calderon
We saw what 37+ minutes a game did to him last season when TJ went down for a couple months. Take that, and make it a full season..scares the hell out of me. Solomon has impressed me this summer. Don’t read too far into that, I thought he was going to be a 0, and he’s more a 3. Ukic isn’t ready to make a major contribution. Leaves us with Parker, but it is doubtful he will get used in that manner, even though he should. I’m interested to see what Mitchell does, and if Solomon can pull it off. Going straight for 3 years (national team/olympics during the summers) could its toll at some point…on the point.

3. Sam Mitchell
He has less talent, preaching the same things, and seemingly expecting a different result:

There is no cure for Joey Graham, he’s going to show up, or he wont, it’s that simple.
Bargnani needs time and a clearly defined role, no flip-flopping.
Solomon/Adams/Ukic/Jawai are NON-FACTORS and shouldn’t be used for more then 10 minutes a game, COMBINED!
The starting lineup should be Bosh @ 5, O’Neal @ 4, Kapono @ 3, Moon @ 2 and Calderon at the point. With Bargnani (4/5)/Parker (1/2)/Humphries (4/5) and sometimes Solomon (0/1) coming off the bench.
All that, and I liked him better with glasses. Now he just looks like a ‘G’.

2. Bryan Colangelo
Last summer, he did nothing, and nothing came of it. This year, he had a manic off-season…and nothing will come of it. He replaced Ford, Delfino, Garbajosa, Nesterovic, Brezec, and Baston with O’Neal, Solomon, Ukic***, Adams, Jawai, and someone named Jamal Sampson (who got released as quickly as he was added). Sure, the team is tougher in the front court, but it is weaker everywhere else. I wonder how many houses he will buy on Bedford next summer when his bonus kicks in?

The point of professional sports, IMHO, is to compete and win, not make profits. If you can do both, kudos. However, when you sacrifice the product, disguise it, and make it look like a winner, then you are not in the business of sports, you are in the business of making money, and MLSE are the kings of that. Having owners like the teachers pension fund, and real estate moguls will inevitably steer the boat astray. Sadly, I have no fix for this. There was some hope when that russian dude wanted to buy up MLSE, but $1.8 billion doesn’t go as far as I thought it would. Our only hope is that during the course of making mega profit, the Raptors somehow field a championship calibre team.

*** I have a suspicion that Ukic would have been on this team this season regardless of Ford being traded or not.
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This guy is just writing a lot of negative facts without true justification.
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I'm unsure about his jose assessment. there's a lot of crystal ball shit going on. I don't think the team is necessarily less talented, with the exception being the point guard position.
This team has a tighter rotation with the possibility of players having clearly defined roles. That of course being a crapshoot, because when Mitchell gets inevitably outcoached, he'll try to make guys do things they aren't supposed to, to make up for his predictability.
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My counter to most of the people who write critical arguments is this: What would they have done differently? We needed to get tougher and add rebounding. Hypothetically speaking J.O. addresses those needs.

Our depth damaged us last season, we didn't know who to play, our rotation, or lack thereof was a huge concern, we went 10 deep on occassions, hell even our "strength" in PG became detriment to our team.

Now, we've addressed ALL those concerns yet somehow, we haven't improved. Outside of aquiring a guy like Kobe, LeBron etc. questions would always remain. No team in the league is strong at every position, many hide their deficiencies really well. Our goal will be to mask our achilles heel.

And in all honesty, IF (huge I know) Bargnani develops or hell progresses to his first year form, and Ukic becomes calmer by January then honestly, we're then a MUCH stronger team.
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Parker playing the point and Moon at the SG spot would be the way to go? Wow! And how does Sam look like a G without glasses? I'm lost on that one, to go along with absolutely not giving a shit what anybody thinks about how somebody looks with their new lasik/haircut/clothes.

And this sentence is Sarah Palin worthy.
Going straight for 3 years (national team/olympics during the summers) could its toll at some point…on the point.
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I think he's dead on.
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I disagree on some points and agree on some others, so, at least to me, whoever wrote that is not dead on.

Personally, I think that our biggest problem is our coach. The guy simply doesn't seem capable of getting the best out of the players he's got. JO chasing guards near three-point line is the latest evidence of this tendency: why would you want to use a premium shot-blocker to trap 25 feet away from the hole is beyond my mental capacity.

This team with a proper game plan at both ends of the floor should be capable of 47-50 wins this season. There, I've said it. True, they are thin in the wings and their backup PGs are a risky proposition, but teams did all right with worse rosters. If only they upgraded at the helm...

And please, please, Sam, if you have an ounce of good sense in your arrogant head - play some zone. You have two good-to-great shotblockers under the basket - extend the perimeter coverage and let the bigs stay near the low post on defence.
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I like this guy, he makes sense.
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I agree with alot of this!
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he makes no sense, how can he say that MLSE is at fault here? We're spending to the limit basically, a few dollars and we go into luxury territory. Doing that is the most idiotic thing you can do, unless you are certain to be a major contender. For example, signing somebody like Dooling for ~3 millions now would cost the team almost 15 millions (double the contract + losing revenue sharing). And a move like that would get us what? 3 more wins?
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We could've signed a player like Pietrus. That could've helped us
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at a cost of 15 millions ??? I doubt it. It's unreasonable to ask MLSE to go and spend 15 millions on a player like Pietrus when the return is a few more wins. With or without him, best we can realistically hope is a 2nd round presence.

I would be really pissed if they don't shell out when (if) we get to a position to truly contend. But I honestly believe they will do it - because it's time to get some excitment back in the city, you can't have all the franchises losing because it gets everybody down ...
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