Today in Raptorland - 4/28/08
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convinced that Raptors fans are only happy when they're unhappy.

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Post Today in Raptorland - 4/28/08

Moon likely to play

Jose Calderon had his shot and his direction to the basket altered by Dwight Howard in Saturday's game on more than one occasion, but the Raptors point guard wasn't about to give the Orlando centre much credit yesterday.

Asked if he found Howard intimidating, Calderon replied: "Personally, no.

"In this league everybody can block shots you know that. If he comes to block shots, somebody has to be open. He cannot be in two places at the same time."
Against all odds

"It's like I told the players, Jameer Nelson hit a tough, step-back three and Turkoglu hit a tough shot, a step-back, push-off three. It's a one point game until those two shots," Mitchell said. "Coaches don't draw up plays for guys to shoot fadeaway three-point shots. No coach. Someone would think I'd lost my mind if I draw up a play for Anthony Parker to shoot a step-back, fadeaway three. They made two tough shots."
Starting Kapono is worth a try

The other thing ... it's time to sit Andrea Bargnani. Whatever justification Mitchell and general manager Bryan Colangelo have for continuing to start the second-year NBAer just isn't washing any more.

Bargnani isn't playing well, averaging three fewer points per game from the regular season and is shooting a miserable 11-for-35 from the field (31%) in the series and 4-for-14 from beyond the arc (29%).

And here's the kicker, and it's so bad, it looks like a mis-print: Bargnani is averaging 1.5 rebounds per game, down more than two from the regular season, and his regular season numbers were disappointing. How can a guy who is seven feet tall, and apparently athletic, average 1.5 rebounds? The obvious answer is, he doesn't seem to want to pay the price under the boards. Mitchell and Colangelo have defended the 2006 first pick overall until the cows have come home. Well, the cows are home and locked in the barn, and it's time to try something else.

One Sam gone, Mitchell next?

That's not to say Mitchell's on the brink, either. Colangelo, to be frank, has enough work to do this off-season, including signing Jose Calderon, trading T.J. Ford and parlaying various assets into a swingman who can bring it on both ends. Still, Colangelo has dubbed his roster "underutilized." There is an NBA game of musical coaching chairs likely to begin soon. And weirder things have happened.
Raps focus on avoiding early collapse

"What are they running? High screen and roll, angle screen and roll and a zipper to an iso and a post-up; they're running four plays," said Mitchell. "It's not that we don't know what's coming. We know what's coming, we just have to do a better job of stopping it and staying true to our principles, locking in and making sure we do what we're supposed to do."

Can the Raptors win? Don't be Goofy

The Magic look to be already there, and the contrast with the Raptors is stark.

Both teams have former first overall picks, both of whom are 22. The Magic's Dwight Howard is a work in progress in his fourth NBA season, but his physical gifts are so overwhelming that he's easily one of the top five young players in the NBA today, as evidenced by his series averages of 23 points and 17.5 rebounds.

Andrea Bargnani was chosen No.1 overall in 2006, but expectations for the 22-year-old Italian have so diminished that you can make the case he's played well in the series mostly based on his surprisingly willing and aggressive defence on Howard despite averaging seven points and 1.5 rebounds while shooting 31 per cent from the floor in four starts.
Raptors expect to return home

The Raptors were leading by seven points midway through the third quarter when Moon left the game after slipping awkwardly. Carlos Delfino soon fouled out, and the Raptors struggled as the Magic were able to attack Jason Kapono off the dribble in the fourth quarter.
One series, some things, V1.4 - LIVE

Turkogly pushes off. A lot.

Raptors don't have enough all-stars to beat the elite

We've said it for two years: This team needs a swingman who can bust people off the dribble, attack the basket, and make plays when the games get tight. A Corey Maggette, a Jamal Crawford, a Jefferson - or for those who enjoy agonizing over botched Toronto drafts, a Danny Granger or an Andre Iguodala or a Josh Smith.
Raptors trying to defy the odds

The odds, not to mention Orlando's killer front court, are stacked against them.

"There's a little percentage that says teams will win three in a row," said Jose Calderon, ever the optimist. "Let's do it."

We don't want to jinx Orlando Magic tonight, but . . .

And Andrea Bargnani? I defy you to find a better defender named Andrea in the NBA.

Pressure or pleasure? Magic go for playoff win

"It's not over yet," Raptors point guard T.J. Ford said. "It's the first one to four. We got ourselves in a hole, but we just have to stay positive and believe. We still remember the games in Orlando, especially Game 2 where we had a chance to win. We've got keep the same mentality and go to Orlando and get a win. That's the only way we can come back and keep our season alive."
Sunshine Girl - 4/28/08

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curvy. nice.
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a paranoid android

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nice body, dont like her face though
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adoring his baby girl.

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Originally Posted by Belsius View Post
nice body, dont like her face though
Definitely feel more like talking about the girl than ball today I dont' mind her face..and the rest is definitley there.
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saying too many dudes are Tyson Chandler, trying to lead their teams and went nowhere

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Oh yeah, she'd get it for sure.

We still have to keep hope alive brothers.

As I was getting up this morning - and was still in bed when the radio went off, I laid in bed listening to the news and heard the phrase "The Raptors are on the brink or elimination". That didn't sit well with me. The boys have to come out with guns a blazing. If we can pull one out tonight, I have a feeling this series will go 7.
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is pounding the rock!

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Hedo does push off a lot.
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what is that thing growing from her stomach?
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is pounding the rock!

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Originally Posted by ClingRap View Post
what is that thing growing from her stomach?
It's a chandelier. She's 100 feet tall.
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