Today in Raptorland - 4/10/08
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convinced that Raptors fans are only happy when they're unhappy.

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Post Today in Raptorland - 4/10/08

Righting the ship

At one point midway through the second quarter after the Raptors had taken the lead and the Bucks took a timeout, Bosh angrily gestured at the fans to get off their hands and show a little support.

"I was just saying it was quiet," Bosh said. "I'm just saying: 'I'm excited'. I don't know if anyone else is excited but I'm excited. I'm not waiting for next week. I'm trying to do it right now and that's the mentality we have to take as an organization."

And as for the fans.

"If the crowd just reacts, it's a tough place to play," Bosh said. "We go to places like Dallas and Utah, Cleveland and Detroit and it's loud. It really makes a difference and really gives them an advantage."
The blunt truth: Raptors not good

The team's nosedive, ironically enough, began when the Raptors stood at a season-high 32-24 following a win in Minnesota on Feb. 27.

Since then, the Raptors are 7-15, beating twice a Heat team that is, in all intents and purposes, a glorified D-League team, Seattle, New York and Charlotte, each lottery-bound.

You can add the Bucks to the list after the Raptors ended a three-game losing streak with their 111-93 win.
Race for playoffs enters final stage

Stephen Jackson thought the Golden State Warriors were good enough to avoid this kind of late-season drama. Carmelo Anthony felt the same way about his Denver Nuggets.

And in any other NBA season, both players would have been correct.

Instead, the Western Conference's eighth-place teams are headed for an unlikely showdown tonight in Oakland. Both of the NBA's highest-scoring clubs are tied for the final playoff spot at 47-31 with just a week left in the regular season.

"We feel like we should be in, but we still have to fight for it," Jackson said.

"Two good teams who deserve to go to the playoffs are going to battle," Nuggets coach George Karl said. "When this thing all started evolving six or eight weeks ago, I remember circling the game with Golden State. We could get in (to the playoffs) if we don't win, (but) it could give us a big leg up if we do win."

MLSE probes season-ticket licence sales

MLSE, the parent company of the NHL's Leafs and NBA's Raptors, last week confirmed it was investigating its ticket sales department but has since repeatedly declined to elaborate.

The firings have put MLSE executives "in lockdown mode," according to one source. Another source said company officials are combing through years' worth of employees' emails and hauling staff members into conference rooms for taped interviews.

A Toronto police spokesperson confirmed this week that the fraud unit has contacted MLSE officials to ask whether they believe criminal activity has taken place.
Call this one 'a good win' for Raptors

"Maybe we could have made more easy baskets but I think we did a pretty good job today and we have to continue to do that," said Calderon. "The first half for Charlie was unbelievable and that's why we didn't come to halftime 15 or 20 points up."

But for all Villanueva did offensively, he undid defensively. Toronto simply went to whichever big man was guarding him to match him basket for basket as Bosh, Rasho Nesterovic (14 points) and Andrea Bargnani (10 points) simply went on the attack.
Not all Colangelo touches turns to gold

That's not a shot, simply reality. What he's achieved in Toronto freezing Richard Peddie out of the basketball operation, for starters will keep him in good graces for a while to come. But if you pinpoint the two players at the root of this disappointing regular season in Raptorland and no, last night's 111-93 Toronto win isn't evidence of a turnaround they also happen to be the defining players of Colangelo's tenure to date. Chalk Ford's troubles up to a career-threatening injury or chemistry-killing selfishness either way Colangelo knew the risks and weighed them, and now the team is saddled with a starting point guard too stubborn to play backup and perhaps too damaged to fetch real trade value.

Raptors end skid

"It was getting back to ground zero for us, getting back to the things we do well," Raptors captain Chris Bosh said. "We did a great job on the defensive end, we made them shoot jump shots. They got hot for a little while, but eventually those contested jump shots started missing and we gave them one shot. As long as we're checking their shots and they're not getting in that paint, they can shoot all night."

Raptors survive big night from ex-teammate

But Charlie V's evening still reminded you of why the Raptors are falling so short of expectations. One, Villanueva was deemed expendable after the Raptors secured the No. 1 pick in the 2005 NBA draft, and took Italian Andrea Bargnani. And two, the guy Toronto got back in exchange for Villanueva was point guard T.J. Ford.

Trading Villanueva was the right move, but you want two reasons the Raptors are scrambling to escape the No. 7 spot in the East, those are two big reasons. Ford's injuries, and then his disruptive attitude when forced into a backup role when he came back, have hurt. And Bargnani's season-long stink bomb - Wednesday night, he managed 10 points on 4-of-10 shooting in 23 minutes - hasn't exactly helped.

Same old story

"After the third quarter we talked about, 'Hey, let's see what happens if we pass the ball a few times'," said the coach. "And, lo and behold, right in front of us, we're getting open shots and made the game a lot easier.

"Teams don't want to defend. With a week to go in the season, they've been defending all year and if you come down and jack up the first jump shot you see, you play right into the hands of a team like this that wants to get out and run. And in the fourth quarter to start with, I was real pleased. We ran pick and rolls, guys made passes to open players. It makes an impact on the game. Unfortunately it was too late."
Sunshine Girl - 4/10/08

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saying too many dudes are Tyson Chandler, trying to lead their teams and went nowhere

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Not a fan of those ribs showing. She should just exhale. Be proud of the meat you have, girl!
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Everyday I come here, I give thanks to a higher power that I am lucky ebough to date the woman I do.

She kills these women to death!
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meh, 7/10
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well, atleast shes got something to brag about, cuz its all downhill from here hunny
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I think she just passed gas...she's airing it out.
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