Today in Raptorland - 2/19/08
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convinced that Raptors fans are only happy when they're unhappy.

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Post Today in Raptorland - 2/19/08

Long-distance letdown

The curious wondered aloud why Kapono wasn't getting more minutes for the Raptors, more touches and why he wasn't getting the chance to be more of a presence.

As the team gathered yesterday for the first time since last Wednesday's cakewalk over the New jersey Nets, the answers surrounding the Kapono question weren't easily available.
Ford suffers a setback

Just as the lightning-quick point guard was adjusting to his new role as backup, Ford was forced to leave the team's practice after suffering an abdominal strain.

He'll be re-evaluated today, but it's unknown if Ford will dress for tomorrow's tilt against the visiting Orlando Magic.
Kidd, nets in limbo with trade

The trade apparently is predicated upon whether Van Horn will sign a contract with Dallas. As of last night, Van Horn had not decided whether to accept the deal.

All quiet on Eastern front

Toronto GM Bryan Colangelo has been doing his usual job checking with other teams on a regular basis, but the chance of the Raptors doing something significant is remote.

They could fiddle with the end of the roster Juan Dixon would welcome a move and has let Colangelo know so but that doesn't mean a trade is coming.

And wanting to save salary cap space he has coming before the start of the 2009-10 season, Colangelo is not going to assume long-term obligations in any trade he may make.
Light practice for Arenas after surgery

Arenas has said he hopes to return to the Wizards in the coming weeks. The team has not said when he can return to full-contact practice.
Pain continues to rain down on Ford

"He said his wrist felt better," said Mitchell. "He had it wrapped but he was practising."

Well, was practising until the non-descript play in question, during which Mitchell said Ford was simply "dribbling down the court ... and turned the wrong way."

"It was just a regular cut," said Raptors all-star Chris Bosh. "I think it's one of those things where he moves so fast, he's so quick, I guess his body needs time (to get up to speed). He just hasn't had that time.

Not much wiggle room for Raptors

The driving force behind most deals this time of year when good players leave bad teams for better ones is for the bad team to acquire expiring contracts that will allow them to rebuild their teams sooner rather than later.

The Raptors don't have many expiring deals to offer. Combining Juan Dixon and Darrick Martin in a deal would allow the Raptors to take back a player earning roughly $4-million (all currency U.S.). In other words, another tool for coach Sam Mitchell's toolbox rather than a difference maker.
Memphis, Tennessee set up 1 v. 2 matchup

Tennessee (23-2) is at Memphis (25-0) on Saturday, the first 1-2 meeting since No. 2 Ohio State beat No. 1 Wisconsin 49-48 on Feb. 25, 2007.
Nets return to practice with Kidd trade still in limbo

"This potential trade has certainly been a bizarre situation," Frank said. "But it's one of those things you can't control. It would be silly to think that it is not out there. Everyone knows that it is. I've just never been involved with anything like this. It's all just part of the journey."

Court is back in session

7. Will the Raptors have their full arsenal clicking in time for the playoffs?

Chris Bosh and Jose Calderon, one half of the Raptors' foundation, are both firing on all cylinders.

Whether the Raptors can pass the first round will likely come down to the other half: T.J. Ford and Andrea Bargnani.

If Ford can recover, mentally and physically, from the lingering effects of his neck injury, and if Bargnani can put aside his inconsistency troubles, the Raptors could play into May.

If not, it will be April-and-out.
Spanish boss: Europe not ready for NBA

"There has been talk about important cities in Europe like Madrid, Rome, Berlin, but at this time, no city in Europe has the infrastructure for this project as the NBA will be aware of," Saez said.

If the NBA were to put a team in the Spanish capital, where ACB giants Real Madrid and Estudiantes both play, there are concerns over the impact it would have on the domestic game.

All-Star Punchlines

You might not know much about Toronto Raptors forward Jamario Moon, but he is quick with a quip. After TNT court-jester Charles Barkley said he had no chance to win the dunk contest, Moon shot back, "I have a better chance of winning the dunk contest than Charles Barkley has of going back to Alabama and become governor." . . .
Don't dare suggest the league give these guys more prize money to play (the winners received $35,000, the losers $15,000). The average all-star starter's salary was over $13 million.

James said the league should "give away a Maybach, a Phantom, some jet hours, a house. Everybody loves a free Maybach, a free Benz or Rolls-Royce. We'll play hard for that."

Shut up, LeBron

Rod Thorn calls Jason Kidd deal a 'go'

The latest holdup was due to the fact that Van Horn had to agree to report to Nets camp even if he has no intention of playing for the team. In order to include him in the deal, the Mavericks signed him to a three-year contract, with $4.3 million guaranteed this season. Since the league wants to be sure there are no salary cap shenanigans going on, it is requiring Van Horn to stay with the Nets for at least a month.

Though Van Horn would receive a huge payoff for doing virtually nothing, there was no guarantee he was going to be willing to agree. Since he's already earned more than $80 million over the course of nine seasons, money may not be an issue for him. However, it looks as if he's now a willing participant.
Sunshine Girl - 2/19/08

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saying too many dudes are Tyson Chandler, trying to lead their teams and went nowhere

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I think my cousin dated that girl at one point.

And shut up Lebron, indeed. How about you donate your winnings to charity you selfish bastard?
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