Today in Raptorland - 2/14/08
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convinced that Raptors fans are only happy when they're unhappy.

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Post Today in Raptorland - 2/14/08

Sorry for being late with the daily thread fellas. Busy as hell at work this morning and this is the first opportunity I got to do this.

No mercy for listless Nets

"In fairness to them, they played two guards and even though they're professional basketball players, they're two guys that haven't been used to playing a lot of minutes," Triano said of Williams and Armstrong.

"We were able to get Jose inside and penetrate and as a result, he had a very good game. He controlled the tempo of the game."
Carter performance a case in point why East is the Least

Never mind that the West's best 10 teams, some of them still trying to get better, will be battling for playoff rights for the next two months, the Raptors and their Eastern contemporaries don't have the same necessity of urgency. Carter was a case in point last night. His Nets were sitting out their best player, Kidd, because of the pending trade. They came into the game clinging to seventh place in the conference, but just a game ahead of the ninth-place Hawks. And Vinsanity slouched through a 5-for-15 jump-shooting night, indifferent for $12 million a year.

Triano's big night

In the past post-season, the Raptors, despite home-court advantage, lost their first round series to the Nets in six games.

More than anything, the series revealed a flaw in Chris Bosh's game.

When the Nets came with double-teams, Bosh had a difficult time finding cutters or making the right decision when an extra defender came at him.

"It was a painful lesson,'' Bosh said. "You have to grow from moments like that and I feel I have grown.

"As a team, we've grown as well, but it was a difficult time and a difficult way to learn through mistakes."
Triano's tenure terrific

Jose Calderon carved the Nets much like Kidd would carve opponents, looking to score and looking to push the ball against a tired and dispirited foe that had played the night earlier.

Calderon was so efficient and has been so effective that an all-star selection should have been a no-brainer.

Calderon helps Triano in debut

"I was trying see what they were doing on defence and after that, I knew they were going over the top [of the screen] and I knew I could make some plays," said Calderon, who could be in line for a spot on the all-star team if the Kidd trade goes through, opening up a spot on the Eastern Conference team.

Raptors pound Kidd-less Nets

Calderon had a flight heading to the Bahamas scheduled for 6 a.m. today, but he said he would gladly switch his plans should he get the call.

"If I get in, it's going to be exciting," Calderon said. "If not, I'm going to rest, and it's going to be really nice, too."

New look pretty ugly in beating

"I think it's a great pickup for the Nets," said John Lucas, who is back with the team to mentor and train Marcus Williams. "I like Devin a lot. I can see eventually the Nets having what Toronto has with T.J. (Ford) and Jose Calderon. They're a little different in that they can probably play together some. And now they've stayed athletic, so they can play fast.
Nets near trade of Kidd to Mavs, but it hits a snag

The 34-year-old Kidd, who had sought to be moved to a contender since November -- or since Thorn refused to give him a contract extension that would cover the 2009-10 season -- appeared to be stuck in New jersey as recently as Tuesday, when Nets officials thought the Mavericks would not reconsider their refusal to include Harris in any deal.

But Dallas' desperation spiked after back-to-back losses Sunday at Izod Center -- where Kidd had left a very favorable impression on Mavs owner Mark Cuban and coach Avery Johnson -- and Monday night in Philadelphia, where the Mavericks scored only 23 points in the second half with Harris still sidelined by a bruised left ankle.
Sunshine Girl - 2/14/08

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I thought John Lucas was staying to work with the Raps?
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Well he was behind the Raptors bench last night and was high fiving Jose like nobody's business. It would be weird if at the same time he had made arrangements to work with the nets.
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kicking himself for being so emotionally invested in the Roller-coaster Raptors

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Lucas is like a hired gun, and he seems to run that program in Houston very well that rehabs fallen stars and mentors young players. I think he just goes from team to team when they need a mentor for PG's and then returns to his training/rehab center in Houston. If he signs as an assistant with us or NJ, I can't see him staying too long.

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is pounding the rock!

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holy shit, lay it on THICK Socrates.

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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
holy shit, lay it on THICK Socrates.

Or Stephan King
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