Today in Raptorland - 12/14/07
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Default Today in Raptorland - 12/14/07

Raptors can't use NHL-style payback: Martin

The issue of payback hit home in Atlanta on Tuesday when Hawks rookie Al Horford struck a driving T.J. Ford over the head, sending the injury-prone Raptors guard to hospital. Horford was suspended for one game by the NBA yesterday.

"We all initially jumped up, but you have to control yourself," Martin said. "You want to defend him. You pick your spots and you have to be clever about it."

Martin realizes the ultimate way of paying back is by winning, a trait that has defined these Raptors this past week.
Bargnani hard at work

"We need Andrea back to where he was and he's working to get there," Mitchell said yesterday. "He's learning to adjust, fighting through these tough times."

Bargnani has been fighting the dreaded sophomore jinx, a hyper-extended knee and an inconsistency that sees him step up one night and disappear the next.

Mitchell liked Bargnani's defence on Wednesday, a sign that perhaps he is turning the all-important corner.

Humphries' hot streak is a bonus now let's see if he can do it more often

The knock on Humphries in Utah was that he shot too much, a vice he hasn't exactly quit cold turkey. But Mitchell can be a tolerant soul.

"If he (does) the things I want him to do," said Mitchell, speaking of defence and rebounding, "I will occasionally turn my head when he takes one of them 17-footers."

Kris Humphries: making a point

"When he doesn't play, he knows why," Mitchell said. "It's not because I don't want to play him. It's because he hasn't been doing what we want him to do. I'm sure there's some quiet defiance there, but I'm going to win those battles, and some players understand it quicker than others."

But Humphries is a hard case. Told that Mitchell has a two-dribble limit on him, Humphries wasn't ready to concede.

"I've never heard that rule," Humphries said. "Maybe I look at some film where I have three dribbles and I'll present it to him."

Mitchell knows how to motivate Humphries

If Humphries occasionally looks as if he is trying to be a superstar, it is because like almost all NBA players, he was one growing up. Humphries was the freshman of the tear in the Big 10 conference in 2004, averaging a double-double in points and rebounds.

Humphries then declared for the draft, and he found the adjustment from star to role player difficult. He shot just 39% from the field in his two seasons with Utah, averaging fewer than 12 minutes per game.

"I think as a young person, I was 19 coming in, it's hard to understand the flow of the professional game," Humphries said. "You can't just come in and shoot the ball just because I might have a shot every single time, because it will kill the flow of the game. I think from my rookie year to now, I've kind of understood how to play in the flow of the offence and keep things going."

Need comeback? No problem, Pacers say

O'Brien doesn't believe in slowing the pace if they have a significant lead. The only time they get out of their up-tempo system is during the final three minutes of the game.

"I've seen a lot of games lost or almost lost by going into a style that's not your style because you're trying to protect the lead," O'Brien said. "We are a running team until the three-minute mark."

Jones' flagrant

Avery Johnson said he didn't agree with the flagrant foul called on Eddie Jones late in the third quarter Wednesday night. The Raptors turned the possession into five points.

At Young Age, Ford Faces Critical Choice

On Tuesday, when Toronto guard T.J. Ford was streaking toward a clinching basket in the Raptors' 10088 win over the Hawks, I was thinking about whether he'd done enough to make the All-Star team. Moments later, I was wondering if he'd ever play again.
Sunshine Girl - 12/14/07

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Hollinger?!?!?! You've got to be kidding me. All this guy did for the past year is blast ford and the raps, saying charlie v is going to be an all-star blah blah blah.
Man, it goes to show you how much of a tool this guy is in regards to his statistical machinery.
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