Today in Raptorland - 11/19/08
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Today in Raptorland - 11/19/08

Courting disaster

"Obviously you can't turn the ball over 24 times," Mitchell said. "It's hard to overcome 24 turnovers. Anybody who has ever watched even one game knows you can't turn the ball over 24 times."

As upset as he had to be about the turnovers, Mitchell could not gush enough about Bosh and what he means to this team. In addition to the 40 points, he had 18 rebounds, four assists, two steals and a block.
"Every time we got within making a run, they hit a three," Mitchell said. "And they've got a bunch of guys who can make three's."
Calderon not ready

"He just didn't think he could do the things he needed to do," head coach Sam Mitchell said of his starting point guard who has been working through a strained hamstring.

So, the Raps again turned to Will Solomon, with Calderon getting at least one more night of rest. Whether he plays tonight against Miami will be a game-time decision.

Giveaways gut Bosh's big night

"(Bosh) didn't get a lot of support from the rest of us," said Ukic.

So while coach Sam Mitchell said "words can't describe" Bosh's excellence – and while O'Neal largely held Howard in check – the Raptors lost because Anthony Parker and Andrea Bargnani, the starting swingmen, combined for nine points and six rebounds on 26.6 per cent shooting, and because they couldn't contain Orlando's three-point shooters, who made 11 of 23 from behind the arc.

Solomon, likewise, couldn't contain Jameer Nelson, the Magic point guard who had 22 points and five assists. Occasionally faked out of his jockstrap and with his evening's assist-to-turnover ratio a ghastly 4-to-7, Solomon shook his head as he glanced at the stat sheet.

Magic still too tough for Raptors

"That's what it is, man," Chris Bosh said. "It doesn't take rocket science to figure it out. We have to take better care of the ball. I think if we do a better job of that we get a few more shots. And they converted those turnovers into points.

"That's what we've thrived on in the past two years. And that's what keeps us in games and that's how we've been successful, is minimizing turnovers."

Bosh's magic not enough against Orlando


Notes The Magic started former Duke star J.J. Reddick in place of Mickael Pietrus (ribs). Reddick had missed all 10 of his shots coming off the bench before the game. He was 4-for-9 last night. Pietrus, signed in the off-season from Golden State, was on the Raptors' radar two summers ago when they signed Jason Kapono instead. ... Jermaine O'Neal groaned in frustration when his attempted lob entry to Chris Bosh missed by a margin in the first quarter, but he could only smile when it bounced off the backboard and in for his second basket of the game. ... Sam Mitchell doesn't see his team going away soon from his big lineup, which includes Andrea Bargnani at small forward, even though Bargnani struggled in the role last night, as he was 1-for-8 for three points before hitting a late triple.

Next game Tonight, at Miami, 7:30 p.m. EST

TV The Score

Stan Van Gundy still screaming, but his team's defense is improving

Van Gundy admitted that he is pleased with how his team has played out of the gate. But after a first quarter in which the Raptors shot 61 percent Tuesday, it is clear he isn't relaxing.

"We'll see," he said. "But we are better 10 games into this season than we were last year and playing at a higher level [defensively]. No question."
J.J. Redick enjoys first career start for Orlando Magic

He survived an "adrenaline-filled" start and finished with 10 points, three rebounds and a steal in 34 minutes while also containing Toronto's Anthony Parker (four points) on the defensive end.

"I drank a little bit of coffee before the game," he said.

Orlando finds its offense

Nelson, who outplayed Toronto's point guards last spring in the playoffs, did it again Tuesday night when the Raptors (5-5) inexplicably left him open time and again when he come off screen-and-roll plays. Nelson scored at will against the Raptors' shoddy defense, hitting 10 of 15 shots and handing out five assists.

"Teams have to give up something, and it looked like they wanted to give up me all night long," Nelson said incredulously. "I'm just trying to stay aggressive and look for my shot."

At The Site Of The End

Raptors had a chance to chop into the lead and make it 4 point game. Instead they miss and Hedo made a 3-ball and the lead was 9.The Orlando Magic were on cruse control for most of the 4th quarter and the Raptors despite a brilliant performance by Chris Bosh. He was a one man show. 24 turnovers had cost the Raptors to many chances in this basketball game. It was really unfortunate because you had the feeling if Jose Calderon was in this basketball game the Raptors would have won it with not to much trouble. The Raptors walk away with that same feeling from April. Much like in that series Bosh has outstanding but it was not enough. Bosh had a monster performance. 40 points, 18 rebounds and 2 steals and a block. Great news for Bosh fantasy owners but for Raptor fans and him it was not enough as the Raptors went down 103-90 to the Magic. All 5 Magic starters had double digit nights and 3 had 22 ( Nelson, Lewis and Turkoglu). This was a game the Raptors likely should have won and would have won if Jose Calderon was healthy. Hopefully he will be for the Heat tomorrow. Here is the nasty boxscore details.
Sunshine Girl - 11/19/08

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Yo, who's that chick up there. Don't look like no sunshine hit her.
Looks like this what my first post gon be like.
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I dig her hair. She's cute.
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CB4 is a beast, Howard is a beast and we ain't the best team in the East.
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I swear she's been the SSG about ten times before.
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oooo azn =)
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Did her.
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She's nice and all (for 19...she will be hideous at 30) but the babes in Orlando Arena are da smoking! WOW!

Their serving girls are hotter than our Dance Pack. Their dancepack look like....well...high priced strippers....or so my friends tell me...I've never seen strippers.
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she'll be hiddeous at 30?? really?? you expecting a car accident or something? what are you smokin' man?
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She's hot. a big improvement over the last SSG I saw. Raptorman who cares what she looks like when she's 30? Like you would know anyway, lol.
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The good thing is that once you hit 30, everything starts to look better, so no worries.
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