Today in Raptorland - 1/7/08
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Post Today in Raptorland - 1/7/08

King James reigns over collapse

Hidden, perhaps, in the wake of Cleveland's 93-90 victory that stunned an Air Canada Centre crowd into silence, will be the way the Raptors blew a 20-point lead with lackadaisical efforts in two key components of any game.

It will be the team's utter inability to finish quarters with a sense of purpose that ticks them off. It will be the abject failure to rebound that makes them angry.
Cavaliers superstar in a league of his own

But helping James' cause was the way the Raptors played him in that decisive fourth quarter, when he outscored Toronto 24-20. Instead of sending a double-team or trapping him to force him to get rid of the ball and then try to deny him the chance to get it back, Toronto played him relatively straight up.

It was a costly decision because even when he didn't score, he made plays Ė he had three assists in the fourth quarter, all on passes that resulted in open three-pointers.

One-man gang

"Successfully for three quarters I was able to be off of him a little bit and give him a cushion, and it's a little bit easy for me to stay in front of him that way. But once he starts hitting threes, you have to pick your poison," Parker said. "Either you're going to help (double-team him), and let somebody else knock down a three, or you're going to play him straight up and live with that. Either way, they were scoring."
Ford to see specialist

Raptors point guard T.J. Ford, who has not played since he left the game on Dec.11 in Atlanta, is expected to travel to the renowned Cleveland Clinic on Wednesday to consult with even more specialists concerning the state of his injured neck and arms.

He already has consulted orthopedic specialists in Los Angeles and New York, as well as the Raptors' own specialists.

LeBron-led rally silences Raptors

"We could have come off [low-scoring] Devin Brown and make Devin Brown score instead of LeBron," Bosh said afterwards. "[LeBron] made two or three spot-up threes. Ö Any time we see a guy get hot like that, we have to make someone else score."

It's not like Bosh to question Mitchell's strategy, but it speaks to the frustration that may be setting in as the Raptors continue their one-step up, one-step back progress this season.

Raptors' window of opportunity has shut

"Did you see Cleveland as a championship-level team?" asked Raptors general manager Bryan Colangelo at the time. "Did they make the Finals? The East is fairly wide open."
Raptors can't handle red hot James

"I live for the fourth quarter, man," the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar said after scoring a franchise-record 24 points in the final frame. "I work hard in the off-season, and every day I'm dreaming about making big shots in the fourth quarter, and making comebacks. That's just the kind of player I am, and that's when games are won."

LeBron dons hero's cape

He did it even while keeping up a running conversation with players on the Raptors' bench and, across the court, with members of Raptors' star Chris Bosh's family sitting in the front row.
LeBron does it (again)

For what it is worth, I felt like the Cavs could win the game after three quarters. When I said this on press row, the Plain Dealerís Branson Wright offered to bet me $40 CAD. I didnít accept. But what I saw was the Raptors really just shooting nothing but jumpers. I was sure they would start missing. They only had two points in the paint in the third. Of course, I didnít forsee LeBron going off like that.
Sunshine Girl - 1/7/08

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