TJ Leaves The Team
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Default TJ Leaves The Team

Nothing new, but it's sounding really scary...

Injured Raptors guard Ford leaves team to visit specialist in New York


TORONTO _ There's growing concern about the health of Toronto Raptors guard T.J. Ford, who has left the team to visit a specialist in New York.
Ford has made the rounds of doctors since hurting his neck again in a frightening fall Dec. 12 at Atlanta.

He saw his former surgeon Dr. Robert Watkins in Los Angeles when the Raptors were there to play the Clippers earlier this week. He then flew to New York to see orthopedic surgeon Dr. Patrick O'Leary on Wednesday.
``We are consulting with a number of specialists to get as much information as possible regarding T.J.'s condition,'' Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo said in a statement. ``Once enough information is compiled, we will chart a course for his return to basketball activity.''

There have been no reports on Ford's medical visits, and he is out indefinitely. He missed his fifth consecutive game Wednesday, a 101-96 loss at Portland.

The neck injury is the latest in a string of similar setbacks for the guard who suffers from spinal stenosis _ a narrowing of the openings of the vertebra.
He missed half his rookie season and all of the 2004 '05 campaign with the Milwaukee Bucks after undergoing neck surgery.

He's suffered three neck injuries since joining the Raptors in the summer of 2006, including two this season.
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convinced that Raptors fans are only happy when they're unhappy.

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This doesn't sound good at this point. As much as I've pissed and moaned about Ford, I want him back and want him back healthy.
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Both him and the team need to get to the bottom of his 'stingers' and to understand what's going on with his back... it's better to take little bit more time then to rush it and have it repeat.

He should rest and check with all the doctors he can, no need to rush back, let him come back in January... he'll be rested and hungry to play...
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I suspect that depending on what they find, he could miss the rest of the season, indefinitely. Im speculating, but it seems like there's more going on here than their letting on, which is always the case in this instances.
There's been two stingers so far this year, and looking at what happened with garbo, i see the Raptors if anything, holding tj back more than tj holding himself back. This is an organization protecting their investment. They say its up to him, but is it really?
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The Raptors and TJ need to be really careful with this. REALLY careful. This isn't a leg or an ankle, this could end up changing his whole life. Good on both the organization and TJ for realizing the severity of this and taking their time with it. I read an interview before (can't remember where) where TJ said that now that he has played in the NBA, if he had to shut it down, he could, because he knew that he could play with guys and that he was better than some guys. He said that if he had shut it down before getting to the NBA, he would have always wondered if he would have been able to make it. For a guy who makes some irrational decisions on the court, I think right now, we're looking at him making one of his more rational decisions. Who knows where this will all end, but at least he's smart enough to take it seriously.
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I miss Ford

The real clutch guy on the teamm...
and some may argue with me on this..
but i personally believe we won't get past the 1st round this year without him.
He's just serious about winning and when he gets hott... game over.
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I like Tj but we have basically lost all the game were he was hot, except the one at atlanta. i prefer him when he isnot that hot.
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difference between hot and taking a lot of shots.
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Believe it or not, I think TJ is the guy who really printed on Raptors team the winning attitude. Forget the reckless playing, just think about his warrior attitude ... TJ, whatever you choose, you are a true warrior!
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adoring his baby girl.

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This is disapointing news for sure. I agree we won't advance as far without him. I really like Jose's game but i think we're weaker with him starting and TJ not playing. Here's hoping he gets back at least for the 2nd half.
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Its too bad about TJ but it won't hurt the rapts as long as Jose does not get hurt. We are a better team with Jose playing more minutes. When and if TJ comes back he should only play 15 -20 mins per game as a back up.He will always be suspect to injury, so it looks like its Jose as our true point guard. I hate to say it but with TJ going down our team will be better and time will tell.
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