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Originally Posted by LX View Post
Yeah - it had excitement. But it felt shady. All the excitement came about due to a ton of early calls in the fourth, and both teams in the penalty and in foul trouble. No defense happened after that. I wasn't shocked when that game was referenced in the Donaghy scandal.
I thought the game 5 against Detroit in 2002 was very shady. Physical game, Raptors had a lead, and then in the fourth they gave Keon Clarke two off the ball fouls, completely away from the play, which put the Pistons into the bonus and gave them some energy.
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at MSG failing a pointless 360 degree dunk during a losing streak

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Don't take literally what I'm saying about this being the market the NBA cares the least about. But if I'm crooked, it may be perfect to run my scheme. And ask yourself how often that call would happen to Carmello? Wade? How bout how about even a John Wall. Why is that? And why do we get these useless league apologies?
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Originally Posted by Ball Don't Lie View Post
The first poster who said it was serious. The poster afterwards who quoted him, who knows, as I don't have a sarcasm detector like you do.
Hey, don't pick on me cause I'm new JV you big bully.

I said the NBA sometimes feels like the WWE.
It's called jest.

You are the one who seems rather serious JV.

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landry fields forever

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Steve Javie just said during the Bulls/Lakers game that it should've been a no call.
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Originally Posted by Acie View Post
Steve Javie just said during the Bulls/Lakers game that it should've been a no call.
I'm shocked they're still talking about that. Since it's the Raptors i would have thought it would have been glossed over by now.
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Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
no, a while ago when I was listening a lot on fan590, there were some interesting discussion on soccer match fixing.

thing is, in soccer is very easy to fix a game, because it often requires just one or two "mistakes", in bball is more challenging.

and it's not quite the same situation anyway, because a world cup game probably attracts much higher bets, so it may be worth taking a chance. In the nba, sac-tor or uta-cha are no different, and the commish probably watches 10-20 regular season games a year, what incentive a ref would have to fix one of those few games vs any other?
While the book is very much soccer based, he does look @ how other sports can be fixed and the point that he makes is that it's not only the players fixers target, but the referees and he goes into some detail how it's done (very little muscle flexing).

The other point that he makes is that you target refs, simply because they make so much less than anyone else so they can be easily corruptible (along with lower level players).

In re: to the World Cup, I brought that up as a point to suggest a match wouldn't be fixed with a commissioner in the stands. If you could fix a World Cup match that is viewed in front of millions you could do it in any game. Regardless, again, in the book he details how matches involving 6-10 y.o. become fixed. The crux of it is that any sport, game, match can be fixed regardless of the location.
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making funny and strange dark trade in his mind !!!

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The NBA has done a great job acknowledging bad calls (and no calls) by the referees lately, but do you think it will ever be taken one step further? Most of the calls are for late-game situations of close games, which could have decided the game in question, but past acknowledging that the call was blown, nothing gets done.

I'll give an example: I write this on the morning of Thursday, February 6th. On the night of February 5th, the Raptors' Kyle Lowry was called for an offensive foul while he was taking a 3-point shot (which he made) against the Sacramento Kings. The Raptors were down by 6, the shot would have put them back by 3 (it also seems that he got fouled, so in reality a made free throw could have brought them within 2). Instead of being down by 2 with 26 seconds to go, Lowry fouled out of the game, the Raptors were left without their best player and down by 6 with the opponent having the ball. The game was more or less over. With 3.5 games between the 3rd place Raptors and 7th place Nets, every game could be the difference in playoff seeding.

My question is this: do you think that referees should be made accountable for these situations through some kind of monetary penalization? It would have to be in situations that were without question blown calls, and I'm sure the NBRA would have something to say about it, but I think something should be done. Players get fined and assessed technical fouls for visibly disagreeing with referees, and while I overall agree with that I also think that some of the time the disagreement is warranted (Lowry got a second tech for running to the other side of the court after his foul call.) Bad performance at any other job does not simply go unpunished, I don't see why this would be an exception.

I said and wrote last week that I think the league should name names when it comes to referee errors. It's not enough to hide behind the passive voice, "mistakes were made" kind of release the NBA has issued this season after determining game officials have made mistakes. But to your question: the league does on occasion fine officials it believes make especially egregious errors in judgment, as it did in 2009 to official Bill Kennedy for his role in a run-in with then-Celtics coach Doc Rivers. The league, of course, denies playoff assignments to its lowest-graded officials, and officials who consistently receive the lowest grades from the department are not retained.
NBA NEWs David Aldridge

it seems to me that becomes a real problem, especially the way the league change the rule since end 90s. Now Referee are like god on the floor. maybe too much.
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