Then and now...
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Default Then and now...

Do any of you remember what was the Raptors record when Sam was fired last year?
Do any of you remember the players we had then?

So, if you do, then you can already guess what I'm trying to say right here...

So honestly, if BC was so true to success and was so confident in what he did with Sam, why is he keeping Triano now when it's obvious the guy doesn't fit with this team? 40 point loses to scrubs like Bobcats? No sign of D what so ever? Already bad record... wtf? And on top of that, the roster that he has at his disposal is WAY much better then what Sam had last year.

This franchise is becoming so hopeless. Yeah, it hasn't been the whole 20 games just yet but the signs are there. All it really needs is some common sense and proper moves like trading player that don't work no matter how your ego will suffer, hiring a real coach for once....well in generally...just doing away with this fake basketball/management creativity. But with egoistic BC at the helm, Triano will remain the coach, Bargnani will remain three shooting pylon C etc..etc.. It feels as if BC brought in Jack, Turkoglu, Belineli, Wright and Evans just so he could make himself not look bad and act as if he did everything possible to improve the team. And if Bosh leaves he'll be able to save his face. And that's why it's hopeless. It all to well fits in perfectly with Colangelo's plan.

The worst part is, at the end of the year, we'll have slightly better record then last year but it will feel worse then any other end of the season. And then, BC will again make a move or two and the team will feel on it's way until this time next year.

Bullshit. Too much bullshit to look at.

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its a mess, but improvement in the future isn't likely b/c
big $$$ invested in the core

basically have to get lucky with a mid 1st round pick
or strike gold in a Bosh S&T

they way the team is built will never be a bottom 5 team, even without Bosh, which makes it harder to rebuild through the draft and hoping trades work out
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