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Originally Posted by Zhylvis View Post
you always talk trash about Linas, wtf?
Oh, come on, r u serious?

As sick, wicked, wiped nasty thing said, smth is wrong with the coaching. Kleiza once said he hates to play SF, but now he dribbles the ball and shooting 3s all game long. He chucking big time, but it's ok, it looks coaching staff just saying - Please... shoot!
He never did this in Europe. Most of the NBA players have better hands on defensive end, but now he became a freaking dribbler. PF-SF player who just shooting behind the arc and dribbles the ball
And It's obvious why he signed with Toronto. When you win smth. it means you not a Raptor. A lot of players wants a better stats, thats not a bad thing. When Kleiza signed that deal, Toronto had only Weems at SF. Futhermore, it's hard to tell, Weems is SF or SG... No competition here.
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Originally Posted by fk24 View Post
They are chuckers. They regularly take bad shots and barely pass the ball up. If players start chucking with regularity, it doesn't help with the growth of a young team.
especially when those young players are chuckers themselves (ie:weems)
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Chucking just screams of low basketball IQ, clearly the coaching staff is not just telling them to go chuck it
sure, they may be telling them to take more shots, but clearly within some designed plays where there are multiple out for different guys to shoot it, obviously the players are taking it so directly that SHOOT IT! = CHUCK IT!
Low Basketball IQ, or maybe there's just too many europeans on the team and there's language barrier, something is lost in translation

best reason is that probably the players on the team really aren't that good and shots that they're "chucking" are mostly all shots that other teams have players taking but they actually make so you don't call it chucking
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