T.Jose Caldesports: Going in a Completely Different Direction
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Default T.Jose Caldesports: Going in a Completely Different Direction

Originally Posted by T.Jose Caldesports
Rasho Nesterovic is a nice piece. He's a pro, he hits over half his shots, etc... but he has his drawbacks too. He probably can't even jump high enough to dunk anymore, he can't defend the pick and roll very well, and he's not someone that will be crashing the offensive glass with reckless abandon (or any kind of abandon).

So here's my idea of the day: Forget Rasho, use the bi-annual exception to get Ben Wallace under contract.

Let's break this down pro/con style:


- Redundant?: You could make a case that he's too similar to Toronto's other big off the bench, Reggie Evans.
- Backboards and rims will take a beating: Wallace shot just 18% on jumpers, and made just 42% of his free throws last season


- Board-crasher: Along with Evans, would give the Raptors two of the top 20 offensive rebounders in the game last season. Toronto's best last season was Chris Bosh, who ranked 87th
- Underrated passer: His 16.8% assist rate was 9th among NBA power forwards last season (just behind Pau Gasol)
- More points = more wins: Cleveland outscored their opponents by an average of 16 points per 48 minutes with Wallace on the floor. Why's that impressive? It was the highest mark on the team. With Lebron on the floor, the Cavs outscored their opponents by 14 pts per 48 mins.
- Quiet impact: Though the last thing you'd call Wallace is "savvy" on the offensive end of the court, he is a "savvy" basketball player overall (kind of the way I'd describe myself as a ball player). Consider: He draws more fouls than the man he's covering, outrebounds them, turns the ball over less, and blocks more shots. That's a winning basketball player


Yes, Wallace is similar to Evans, but that's the type of player I want on the bench. No matter what, you'll always have scorers on the floor with this team. I can't envision a scenario when all three of Turkoglu, Bosh, and Bargnani will be on the bench together.

Here's the clearest way I can put it: Nesterovic, for the most part, won't negatively impact a game, but he won't really impact a game positively either. He's a "passive" player.

On the other hand, Wallace--as I've pointed out--won't negatively impact a game either, but he can impact a game positively with his ability to defend, block shots, and rebound. He's an "active" player
Source - T.Jose Caldesports: Going in a completely different direction
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Gam zeh ya'avor

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Old. Lost a lot of the only thing that made him useful - his leg muscle. Big Ben is done and should retire.
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'twas a dream

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ive always like wallace, but hes getting old and doesn't seem to wanna play anymore
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He is already saying he might retire he should just do it.

I loved him in his prime though!
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is too lazy to respond, you win

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they should sign pops in hopes that he becomes a ben wallace type player

HGH would do the trick
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is dead inside

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WOW I hate the idea of bringing Ben. He only relys on his athletisim and now that he is old he doens't have that either. He is a garbage player now. No need for him
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pining for October 28.

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Bah. I like the Caldeford/Caldesports blog and I like his use of stats, but I can't get behind this at all. Ben Wallace is dunzo. He can still rebound, sure, but he is a big liability offensively and he's not even half as good on defense as he used to be. Rasho brings a lot to the table, things that we don't currently have, and he doesn't take anything away.
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is tired of all the Jose hating on this forum! sigh...

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wallace is past his expiry date!!

no more need to even think about this one....
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We can't afford to have two offensively-disabled big men coming off the bench. Evans' man will sag off to the paint, that's manageable, but if you've got Wallace's man sagging to the paint as well it's going to make it extremely hard for wing players to get to the basket. He can't even play defense like he used to, dude's washed up.
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