Smith: Where's Jermaine?
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Default Smith: Where's Jermaine?

As some people have already alluded too, Jermaine is apparently with the team, just not sitting on the bench during games.

Originally Posted by Doug Smith's Blog
Here’s one from the mail:

Q: In tonight's game near the end of the second quarter Solomon committed a foul on an in bounds play. It was the Raps 4th team foul but the Grizzlies got two free throws out of it. Why is that? Also, saw Jawai and Calderon on the bench tonight but no sign of JO. Any reason for this?

Antonii C, Toronto

A: It was because the foul was committed by Solomon before the inbounder released the ball. Not the brightest of moves.

And O’Neal was in the back getting treatment on his knee, as he has been for every game he’s missed. Calderon got his done early – he wasn’t on the bench to start the game – and Jawai’s not hurt so he was out there.
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they cant work on o'neal before or after games because theyre taking care of players who actually play.
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payin Dwyane Wade

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Oooo LOL.
Lies from Smith?
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Probably indiscriminanting hitting on women somewhere :P i mean they deserve it, he is JO and they are dirtbags.
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Doug Smith is JO's wing man.
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He's literally letting CB be the man in Toronto.
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