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Dr. J. Naismith 02-22-2008 02:45 PM

Smith: Acquiring a SF at the top of BC's list
According to Doug, he seems to think that this offseason BC will concentrate his attention on acquiring a starting SF via trade or free agency. So, with that being said, does anyone know which SF's are UFA's this summer and who might be a feasible fit to start along side Jose, Parker, Bosh and Bargnani? :confuse:



Originally Posted by Doug Smith's Blog
Q: As expected BC didn't go for an ill advised home run swing at the deadline. So I'm looking ahead to next year and the starting line up.

Bosh and one of the two points is a sure thing. I think Delfino may be able to step in, but AP and Moon should be on the bench if this team is truly stronger. (Perhaps AP stays on as a starter to play defense and not take too many shots)
Does AB start or get significant minutes if he goes through what he did this year?

Kevin M, Maple

Doug: Next year? Right now, I’d say it’s Calderon, Parker and Mr. X (the free agent they acquire), Bargnani and Bosh at the start of the season but I do think they’ll be watching Bargnani closely and if he gets off to a horrible start, changes may occur.

I do think they’ll explore trade possibilities for a two-guard but I think a three is more on the top of their list.

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MangoKidHoops 02-22-2008 03:03 PM

It's expiring contracts galore at the end of next season - Nesterovic, Parker, Graham, Garbajosa.. you know some of those guys are going to be packaged for a swingman. WOuldn't be surprised if it is indeed Mike Miller.

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