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Snooch 09-19-2008 11:44 AM

SLAM! - Raptors Season Preview



Count On

Two iffy players may surround him at the moment, but there are no questions with Chris Bosh. Coming off of another all-star season, you know what you’re getting with the cornerstone of the franchise: a versatile 20 points (I never thought he’d successfully add a three-point shot to his game) a good 10 boards and around 10 games lost to plantar fasciitis. If there was anyone left in the basketball world that was still sleeping on Bosh, they saw a short-shift version of what Raps fans have been seeing for the last five years.

While the ifs outweigh the guys you can count on night in and night out, one other guy I think will continue to step up is Jose Calderon. Last year at this time, just about everyone thought it would be Bargnani that would come into his own, but it was Calderon who surpassed the flashes of potential he started showing two years back. With Ford shipped away and Calderon freshly inked, the reins are squarely in his pass-happy hands. All that’s left to do now is sit back and watch one of the purest points in the League go to work.


If O’Neal works out for the Raps, it’ll open up the door of improvement for Andrea Bargnani. A year removed from a strong rookie season, Bargnani remains an if for the Raptors. Thrown into the paint last year, the big man (in stature, at least) struggled. He says the four-spot is his natural position, but this is a guy that needs to play on the wing if he hopes to thrive and avoid having his label switch from if to stiff. A front line of Bosh, O’Neal and a productive Bargnani at the three is physically huge and would boast a diverse attack. Plus, it’d be a lot of fun to watch.

Gurk 09-19-2008 12:03 PM

Also, the prediction for the raps is a 50 win-32 loss season witha sencond round playoff exit

Apollo 09-19-2008 01:49 PM

I like the idea of Bosh, Bargnani and O'Neal playing together at times, infact I mentioned the day of the trade somewhere in here... I think. Anyway, it was effective in Orlando and I think it can work here. Bargnani is no more of a defensive liability at the 3 than Kapono and right now he has possibly a better chance of starting than Moon.

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