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Ugh, sorry again for helping derail this thread. But I want to respond again.

Originally Posted by Acie View Post
So they didn't have playoff success because of injuries? Still not playoff success, bad luck or not.
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak. :morey:

And they're not one of the youngest teams in the league as you initially stated.
See what Woodchuck said. Naturally, by making the transition from team on the rise to team that is contending, they are going to get a bit older. But the point remains that he was retaining youth and prospects. Would you rather he keep those with a potential chance to be a contender, or cash them in to be an actual contender? I mean, I really can't even believe it was made an issue in the first place. Most organization's dream of having two All-NBA players, and would gladly cash in a handful of picks and prospects to make it happen.

Even Riley had to give away prospects and picks while navigating the cap issues to land his big 3. He paid people to take Beasley and his 1st rounder that year (and that was before Beasley turned to shit).

They're on par with over half the league. I thought Lamb was a was a bit of a risky pick do to his immense offensive skill, but lack of aggression and propensity for coasting. And of those three 1st round picks in 2012 he selected 2 PF's on a team that in the previous draft selected 2 PF's in the first round. Did I mention the year before that they used a lotto selection guessed it a PF. I'm no stats guy myself, but if you do the math that's 5 PF's selected over a three year period in the 1st round of the draft.
That does sound kinda funny. But it's a little more complicated than that, if you're looking at it from his perspective.

Royce White was more of a point forward, though, in a power forward's body. He even played a bit of PG. I remember having a conversation about him with RaptorsBuckeyeFan, because when I saw White play against Anthony Davis, he looked really good. I was intrigued by White going into the draft. He was playing like a massive point guard on offense, while guarding an opposing big. He didn't really have a clearcut position. He might have been an SF in the NBA.

Also, I think Morey really wanted to find a starting caliber stretch 4, so he picked Patterson, Morris and Jones hoping one would work.

In the Patterson and Jones situation, some of the best alternative options for picks, were also PFs. So in that light, it's not quite as funny.

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