Simmons: Raps Fans Will Slowly Turn on JO
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convinced that Raptors fans are only happy when they're unhappy.

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Default Simmons: Raps Fans Will Slowly Turn on JO

Simmons speaking his mind like always and some other Raptor related stuff.

Originally Posted by ESPN
That reminds me, here are some other things you will enjoy about the 2009 season ...

A. The Raptor Truthers slowly turning on Jermaine O'Neal. I can't wait for this. I would set January 19th as the over/under and take the under.
Originally Posted by ESPN
9. You will regret all the time you spent hearing and reading about the Jermaine O'Neal/T.J. Ford deal.

Here's my take: Ford can't stay on the floor (sorry, this has been painfully established over the past few years), and if O'Neal somehow returns to 20-10 form, it would be the first time that a big man rejuvenated his career in his 30s without the excuse, "He's not doing cocaine anymore" (which happened a few times in the '70s and '80s). Power forwards and centers are like porn stars and singers: When they lose it, they lose it. That's it. End of story. We have six decades of evidence to back this up. So the Raptors aren't just gambling on O'Neal returning to All-Star form, they're gambling on an improbable turn of events that has no precedent in the 62-year history of the NBA. Tom Chambers, Antoine Walker, Artis Gilmore, Ben Wallace, Mutombo, Ewing, Hakeem, Shaq, Moses, Larry Johnson, Derrick Coleman, Ralph Sampson, George McGinnis, Spencer Haywood, Jerry Lucas, Nate Thurmond ... seriously, find me a former All-Star big guy whose statistics dropped as dramatically as O'Neal's did from 2005 (24-10) to 2008 (13-7) and then rallied back the other way. You will come up empty.
Originally Posted by ESPN
17. You will remember the 2009 season for an imaginary torch

We have seen the best of the generation that replaced Bird and Magic (and eventually, the Jordan-Barkley-Hakeem-Isiah group) in the mid-'90s: Shaq, Kidd, Iverson, Hill, T-Mac, Penny, Payton, C-Webb, Vince, Nash and Jermaine O'Neal, with only Garnett, Duncan, Pierce, Nowitzki and Kobe remaining franchise guys ... and all five of those guys have peaked as players. But another group is itching to take the reins: LeBron, Wade, Carmelo, Paul, Amare, Howard, Deron Williams, maybe even Brandon Roy and Chris Bosh, with Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and (hopefully) Greg Oden lurking in the wings. And that shift will be personified by my last three predictions for the season ...
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I don't think the gamble with JO was about him returning to All-Star form. And defensively he hasn't really dropped off in his play. In fact as his knee or whatever caused him to lose numbers offensively, he put more emphasis on contributing defensively. And that's exactly what he's needed for here.
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I agree with simmons. 70% of the raptor fans are douchebags in that regard. i find it funny that one of the youngest fanbases is easily one of the ugliest. i guess it's from all that anguish from being a maple leaf fan.

as for o'neal - i don't think anyone expects all-star form out of him. actually, those 70% that we earlier mentioned probably think he can just so they can bitch and blame when he doesn't. gimme 99ish david robinson and i'll be slap happy, gimme 2000ish antonio davis (before the baseline dumpers) and it'll be a win for me as well.
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Yeah, even on this forum where people will argue over everything I don't think a single person has expected JO to get back to 24-10 (at least not this season ). Never mind the fan base, it seems Simmons article implies that BC and the media expect JO to return to all-star form... I'm not sure where he got that impression.
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I think there's a few important differences between JO and the forwards of the past:

1) JO was 17 when he was drafted.

2) He's 30 years old. (generally considered a player's prime)

3) Modern medicine is much different now, especially for guys that can make $20 million a year when they're healthy. Let's face it, most of today's athletes are cyborgs.

I don't know if he'll be a 20/10 player ever again. I'm hoping for 17/9, and a physical presence in the post.
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All I care is about blocks and rebounds. If he can score a couple times, that'll be even better
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saying too many dudes are Tyson Chandler, trying to lead their teams and went nowhere

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it was worth a gamble. If it doesn't work out this year, JO becomes a 22 million expiring contract, or we let his contract run out after next and he becomes a FA.
I mean, if he comes with 15 and 8 and plays good D and brings the right attitude to the dressing room, then it's good, I'll be happy.
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I love JO.......arg wait.......ahhh.......oh my.......NOOOO!!!!!.......MUWAHAHA!!!!!......I hate JO'S fucking guts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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kicking himself for being so emotionally invested in the Roller-coaster Raptors

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Here's the thing. Jermaine is 30. If healthy, he should still have 3 years of high level playing. Guys with defensive skills around the basket stay useful longer long after their offensive touch goes to shit (look up Zo and Mutumbo, and how long they were able to be defensive anchors long after they stopped being 20/10, 12/12 guys, respectively).

If we can get 2 years of scoring Jermaine to combine with paint clogging Jermaine, then he's worth the money over TJ and Rasho. Then, if all goes to plan, we re-sign him for fair money and he plays a lesser but still important role, as Bargnani improves.
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