See you in October.....better.
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at MSG failing a pointless 360 degree dunk during a losing streak

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Default See you in October.....better.

Hard to believe. Exit interviews, the lottery, the draft, occasional Raptor sightings in Toronto this summer, training camp somewhere in Canada, then see you in October again. Hope it's a quick 5 months.

Just picking people's brains......

Using the Demar model of adding one thing to your game each summer, if you could pick one skill for each player, what would you want them to seriously upgrade:

Lowry - better pick 'n' roll
DD - handles
Ross - handles
Amir - stay thirsty, Amir (and some strong ankle braces)
JV - explosiveness (not bulk)
Vasquez - defensive anticipation
PP - explosiveness
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Lowry - Probe the defence off of the pick and roll better to create open 3 point shots, or in laymans terms, making quicker moves to get in the lane on the pick and roll.

DD - Spot up 3 point shooting, and better decision making, but mostly, his atrocious defence.

Ross - Pick and roll ball handling, shooting off of the dribble in these scenarios.

Amir - 3 point shooting

JV - Midrange jumper, and a quick pet face up move, as he cant always rely on backing players down when he catches too far out. In improving his midrange game, it'll only help him with getting by his guy with a quick faceup move as they'll bite more on pump fakes.

Vasquez - See Lowry, and as you said, his defence. He needs to learn how to find a way to somehow use his smarts and use angles to try and contain PGs.

PP - Rebounding and defence. He's improved since SAC, but he can still get better. I think his offence is fine, and he's in the perfect role right now to utilize his skills effectively.
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payin Dwyane Wade

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Lowry - still better D
DD - better D, passing
Ross - Handle, passsing
Amir - Rebounding
JV - BB IQ beyond what he has. Too raw still. Disappears too often.
Vasquez - Better shot selection
PP - Rebounding
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is waiting

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Lowry - playing in more control

DD - better handling, D

Ross - better handle, aggressiveness, consistency

JV- Mid range jumper, more control, bulking

Amir- less fouls, steadier jumper

Vasquez - Better shot selection

PP- Rebounding, defense
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Lowry: P'N Roll
DD: Handles, strength, defense
Ross: Handles, Strength, inside game
Vasquez: Defense, lateral quicks
Amir: Keep improving the mid range game, ankle implants
JV: Defense, shot blocking, strength
PP: Defense, rebounding, keep improving his shooting
De Colo: Shooting
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Lowry: running the offense in general
DD: handles, strength, defense, if he's going to take them then he needs to develop a consistent 3 point shot, mental lapses where he goes into jump shot mode
Ross: handles, strength to improve defense on post-ups and when he gets into the paint and can't finish on the offense, consistent jump shot (if he wants to shoot he needs to be able to do it in every game instead of having a couple "breakout" games at a time and then disappear for the rest of the week or two)
Vasquez: cut down on the unnecessary turnovers, defense
Amir: improve jump shot (if he wants to continue shooting those "summer" 3s then he better keep working on it), get fully healthy
JV: defense, strength, more decisive offensive moves, reduce the butterfingers off passes and rebounding
PP: defense, more consistent on the jump shot especially from 3
De Colo: he has a little of everything but nothing stands out meaning improve in everything
Fields: learn how to do proper backspin on a jump shot (basically get a jump shot so you're not a complete liability on the offense)
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Demar: Handles
KL: Quickness
Ross: Strength
Amir: Conditioning
JV: Defense
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probably lurking

burundi in the house
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derozan needs handles, he would be so good if not for the turnovers and coughups

ross needs bulk without loosing his quicks so he can d up hard on bigger dudes

amir needs hightops, and JV needs the ball! so many games started with JV goin off in the 1st q just to be forgotten

i guess the rest of the team needs to remember JV has an offensive advantage most nights, feed him

but JV should work on his D too, scratch ur back if you scratch mine, if JV covers up some defensive mis steps by the wings maybe they think of him more on O?
*oh yea and lowry needs to sign a contract
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KL - sign that contract; P+R

DD - 1) D 2) decision making 3) ball handling 4) 3 pt shot

TR - 1) work on either bulking up or something to play vs bigger guys/SFs (again not his natural position) 2) work on moves to become more aggressive going to the rim (he should help DD with his 3 pt shot if DD helps him become more aggressive)/inside game

Amir - get healthy and fast; do whatever to be more consistent and to concede less PFs

JV - d, work on beasting when close to the rim, positioning offensively and defensively

GV - shot selection, d

+ as said above, feed JV!

(+ If Hollins were here and JV had a mismatch he'd continue feeding him until the cows came home.)
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