Scouting reports on the 2009-10 Toronto Raptors
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Scouting reports on the 2009-10 Toronto Raptors

Here is a scouting report for each player on the 2009-2010 Toronto Raptors:

*Chris Bosh*

Assets- The whole package. A natural left-hander and an elite athlete. Despite his wiry frame he's a tough power player who is fearless under the hoop. Has great hands, and has worked hard to develop his game out to the 3-point arc. A tenacious defender and a team-first player. Hits his free throws.

Flaws- Will still sometime lose physical battles against the elite power players in the game. Could bring more as a help defender. While he's a solid passer, he sometimes forces it on the offensive end, especially in the clutch.

Career- potential Perennial All-Star power forward.

*Andrea Bargnani*

Assets- Long of limb and possessing excellent feet for a man his size, Bargnani has the approach and skills of a small forward and the height of center. Is a focused player with a certain amount of flair and fire, and he also possesses legitimate three-point range and good court sense.

Flaws- Keeps mostly on the perimeter and doesn't leverage his length, height, or athleticism like he could. Plays like a shooting guard. Could stand to add more bulk and improve his approach as a rebounder.

Career- potential Star-level frontcourt player.

*Jose Calderon*

Assets- One of the planet's most gifted and efficient passers. Sees the court very well, has great instincts and anticipation, and finds his teammates in ideal situations. Excels both pushing the ball and in the halfcourt, and is a highly accurate shooter from the field and from the charity stripe.

Flaws- Not very physical on the defensive end, he can get posted up by big guards. Doesn't poach for steals like he could.

Career potential- All-Star caliber point guard.

*Hedo Turkoglu*

Assets- A unique player blessed with the length of a center and the skills of a point guard. Will take and hit big shots (with superb range) and an excellent playmaker.

Flaws- A lack of bulk and a tendency to hang out on the perimeter contribute to his lack of presence as a rebounder and defender.

Career potential- Star point-forward.

*Demar Derozan*

Strength- Jaw dropping athletic specimen. At a chiseled 6′6 220 with large wingspan. Possesses the prototypical frame for an NBA wing …Incredible leaper and explosive finisher. Vertical is reportedly 40 inches plus … His head is even with the rim on many of his dunks … Has all but mastered the art of the mid-range game … Shoots the ball exceptionally well from inside 20 feet. At his best with one dribble and then elevating, preferably to his left … Moves well without the ball, always looking for creases in the defense … Uses screens well and comes off ready to fire … Puts his unique package of leaping ability and strength to good use on the glass … Excellent offensive rebounder (2.4 per game) … Finishes strong around the basket, but shows finesse and variety with floaters and spin moves … Right hand dominant when attacking the hoop. Defenders know this, but he still gets to the rack, a testament to his first step and strength … Puts in a strong effort on the defensive end … Above average lateral quickness, but often too high in his defensive stance. Reads habit passes well off the ball … Showed signs of being a pressure performer, taking his game to another level in the Pac 10 tournament, completely outclassing his competition with a myriad of out of this world athletic displays …Versatile wing prospect who can do a little bit of anything on the floor. Uses athleticism and speed to finish effectively in transition and around the rim but also displays mid-range shooting game. Rebounds well for his position and is reportedly highly coachable with a strong work ethic.

Weaknesses- Still very much a work in progress, filled with untapped potential … Despite all of his physical attributes, is often satisfied to ‘go with the flow’. Does not look to dominate … His on court presence leaves much to be desired at this stage of his development .. He plays hard, but rarely full throttle … Passion to be a superstar has always been questioned .. Needs to enhance range on his jumper … Shot only 17% from three in his one season at USC, attempting only 1 per game … He steps into his mid-range jumper well, but tends to fade away on three point attempts … Despite a picturesque stroke, shot only 65% from the FT line … His ball handling needs a lot of work … Rarely, if ever, takes more than one dribble to his left without pulling up or spinning back right … Very predictable. Lacks creativity in the face up game which he will need to succeed at the next level … Despite his size and strength, he did not utilize the post up game at all in college. Not much of a passer or facilitator (1.5 assists per game) … Has a quick first step, but not dynamic … His ceiling is unlimited, but needs to add many significant dimensions to his game. A year older than his freshman counterparts, turning 20 in August.

*Marcus Banks*

Assets- Very quick. Capable of heating up in a hurry and scoring effectively. A solid distributor when he decides to be, and good at poaching steals to key transition.

Flaws - Highly streaky; will take over one game and disappear the next. Injury-prone. Sometimes forgets his playmaking duties and will try to force shots up.

Career potential- Backup point guard with starter-level talent.

*Marco Belinelli*

Assets- Highly skilled and very fluid, he is a superb perimeter player. Boasts nice range on his jumper (beyond the 3-point arc), is excellent in transition, and keys the break. A natural scorer, with the skills to play some point guard.

Flaws - Not much of a rebounder. A bit undersized (in both height and bulk) for the NBA 2-guard position. Doesn't pass quite enough to be a regular point guard.

Career potential- High-scoring shooting guard or sixth man.

*Quincy Douby*

Scouting report: Though 6-3 and slender, Douby isn’t capable of playing the point, which leads to some major matchup problems on defense. He’s routinely posted up by opposing off guards and doesn’t fare all that well even when defending the perimeter, plus he contributes little on the boards.

Strengths: quickness, good range, aggressive defender
Weaknesses: size/strength, streaky, lacks PG instincts

Offense (Scoring & Passing)
Undersized shooting guard, sees the game as a scorer not a PG. Good range, but extremely streaky shooter. Has had a handful of explosive games, but not able to sustain. Can get into bad funks where does nothing but chuck up threes -- over a third of his shots from that distance. Bit of a black hole. Not a catch and shoot guy at all -- prefers to shoot off the dribble. In college was a bit of a one man machine on offense, and still more comfortable in that style. Bit of a problem since he will never be that guy in the NBA but does not have a roleplayer's game. Has the quickness to drive and finish up high over shotblockers, but does not consistently use it. Good FT shooter last season when he attacked and got to the line. Pedestrian passer -- appears to have to consciously decide to set somebody up rather than it being fluid. Can bring the ball up, but has not shown any PG instincts to this point, and needs to to secure minutes.

Defense & Rebounding
Quick and aggressive defender on the perimeter. Long arms for a little player, capable of surprising players on the perimeter by blocking their jump shots. Very skinny and can be overpowered by bigger SGs. Better against PGs. Non factor on the glass.

Quiet player who causes no problems, but may not have a role on the team. Inability to learn the PG position has left him a spot/garbagetime player. Does not make anybody better.

*Reggie Evans*

Assets- Evans is an excellent and tenacious rebounder at both ends of the court and hustles, hustles, hustles for every ball.

Flaws- He has a limited offensive game, and while he makes an effort defensively, he's not really a great man-on-man stopper.

Career potential- Energy forward and rebounder off the bench.

*Jarrett Jack*

Assets- Speedy and skilled, he is a deft leader on the court who can run either a full-court or half-court system well. His superb outside shooting and ability to penetrate keep defenses off-balance. A consistent producer who can start at either guard spot.

Flaws - Not a pass-first point guard, he's also not quite big enough to excel as a pure shooting guard. He doesn't steal the ball much and turnovers are an issue.

Career potential- Good starting point guard.

*Amir Johnson*

Assets- Long, strong, and athletic, he plays bigger than his height in the post. Shows excellent anticipation and effort for rebounds and blocked shots, and flashes nice hands for steals and short-range offensive moves.

Flaws- While not undersized for an NBA center, he doesn't clog the lane and could stand to put more bulk on his frame. Needs to add more moves on offense. Gets into foul trouble too easily.

Career potential- Backup power forward/center with starter potential.

*Rasho Nesterovic*

Assets- A true seven-footer with nice hands and touch around the basket, he provides a solid mix of reach and finesse on the offensive end. He's also a good passer for a pivot.

Flaws- Runs hot and cold. Defensively he lacks the power and approach to get the most out of his size, making him a mediocre rebounder and middling shot-blocker.

Career potential- Good reserve center and solid spot-starter.

*Patrick O'Bryant*

Assets- Brings a legitimate 7-foot frame, with long arms. Flashes above-average athleticism and hands for a center. His good mobility and instincts give him impressive offensive potential. A solid rebounder and shot-blocker.

Flaws -Still very raw. May have entered the NBA too early out of college. Overall fundamentals need work. He has been foul-prone early in his career.

Career potential- Starting center if he keeps working hard.

*Sonny Weems*

Assets- Incredibly athletic. A rangy slasher who can be a terror in transition. Shows good anticipation and long arms to intercept passes. Quick and explosive going the other way and finishes above the rim.

Flaws - He can sometimes struggle in the half-court due to a somewhat raw handle and shooting stroke. Needs to add some bulk to his frame.

Career potential- Energy reserve swingman / slasher.

************************************************** ********
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what he is.

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I enjoyed reading the part about Marcus Banks.

...and Nesterovic still has a 'career potential'? LOL
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saying too many dudes are Tyson Chandler, trying to lead their teams and went nowhere

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I think I've read most of that on TSN or sportsnet. They haven't updated the scouting reports on some of the guys in years.
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*Andrea Bargnani* - "add more bulk..."
*Hedo Turkoglu* - "lack of bulk..."
*Marco Belinelli* - "undersized (in both height and bulk)..."
*Amir Johnson* - "could stand to put more bulk..."
*Sonny Weems* - "needs to add some bulk..."
I guess the team will be eating more cherios than endorsing them...
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the anti BC lol

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Did someone on the Raps write that up because I think i am going to

Horribly written and probably the worst media ass kissing i have ever seen.Did this person actually watch any games?
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