Rogers / TSN Update (Part 125)
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Exclamation Rogers / TSN Update (Part 125)

Hopefully Rogers isn't blowing smoke up our arses. :mad:

Originally Posted by Eric Smith
We are only four days away from the first Raptors game that is scheduled to appear on TSN2 and there still hasnít been a deal reached between TSN and Rogers that would allow the alternate channel to appear on the countryís largest cable provider.

While itís unfortunate that nothing has been worked out yet, Iíve been told that both parties are still talking and theyíre trying to hammer out an agreement. In fact, I was able to get a quote / official statement from Rogers as well:

ďWe want to carry TSN2, but we are still in discussions and are working on an agreement with TSN that is both fair and equitable for all our customers.Ē

To my knowledge, thatís the first on-the-record comment weíve heard from either side. Both sides - TSN and Rogers - have been quite quiet up until this point. However, that in itself is understandable if you look at it logically. It would not make sense for either side to comment on on-going negotiations. That wouldnít be good business Ö to make public statements - pro or con - on private matters.

I can only imagine that as soon as there is something to say Ö it will be said Ö because both sides want to get this done. From a PR perspective (let alone a financial perspective), Rogers wants this done because they know the demand is there from their subscribers. And clearly TSN wants this done, because their channel is being shut-out from the countryís largest cable company right now. That canít be good.

Time will tell how this plays out Ö but unfortunately time is running out on that first broadcast.

Finally, for what itís worth, Iím in the same boat as all of you (all of you Rogers subscribers). Itís not like I have some sort of special access to a channel because I work for Rogers / The FAN. Iím looking forward to having TSN2 as well. Iím lucky enough to broadcast all 82 games, but my wife, who is a season ticket holder (tickets we PAY for (not freebies)), will miss more than a quarter of the season if this isnít resolved. And that stings for her Ö knowing that she pays money for 41 home games but then canít even watch a good chunk of the season in the privacy of her own home. Iím sure many of you are in the same boat.

Thatís why I believe this deal will get done. By Sunday though? Weíll see.
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Who do you guys think is the most to blame for this?? I would say MLSE for putting games on TSN2 without have Rogers reacha deal with TSN2
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All our customers?


The nerve of these cnuts.
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Sunday's game is one thing! The thing is they have almost a month after Sunday to fix this shit before the next game on TSN2.I'm pretty much resigned to the fact we're screwed for Sunday but they better not let this thing linger into the New Year.
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yeah - the fact that's it's just one game is the only reason I'm still with Rogers. It's a pain to switch to satellite, not to mention I bought an HD box last december thinking than in a couple of years it will pay itself off ... I can endure losing one game, but if they don't get their shit together for the next one, I'm gone and I ain't never coming back ...
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