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Originally Posted by INSIDER View Post
Whats so special about his Defense? he isnt a defensive phenom at all.
he avg 18 points in his rookie campaign, avg'd 18 points last year, this year he averages 14.
blocks have dropped, steals have dropped. so because he has Oden (that Offensive dynamo) now he's not getting as much touches? Bargs has to compete with Bosh to get touches, and thats not even close.

lets play your game:
so we have Aldridge on our team...
who's playing Center?
First of all, Lamarcus Aldridge averaged 9.0 points in his rookie campaign, not 18 points. Get your facts right. LaMarcus is taking 3 shots less as compared to last year (15.3 attempts vs 12.5 attempts) is the main reason his scoring has dropped because he still shoots a high percentage. LaMarcus has to share the ball with Roy, Andre Miller, Oden, Travis Outlaw, Fernandez.

Aldridge is a good defender. He can keep his man in front of him, and is a good help defender. Ever since his rookie season, LaMarcus was closing games because he ain't no liability on the defense end of the floor. Can you say the same thing about Bargnani. Hey, anybody is better than Bargnani at C. Just like previous seasons, Bargnani will pulled at the end of games because of his defense defficiences. You can book it!!

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RAPMAN, your hatred for Bargnani clouds your judgement. While he's not the best defensive Centre, he also ain't the worst. Yes, he's slow to help, but when he's man to man he's not a liability at all. He actually plays D12 pretty well.

Aldridge is Chris Bosh lite. Everyone said it at the time. So why do you get the same player on your team? Where the hell would he play? He was too thin to be a C, so essentially your drafting either

a. A Sixth Man
b. Bosh's future replacement when he leaves

So which would it be? Imagine the outcry if our No. 1 pick was our 6th man and getting x amount of minutes a night?

Gay has turned out to be inconsistent and actually quite mediocre for the position he plays. Too many studs at the SF and he ain't one of them.

The draft is all about trying to judge who's going to be the best player out of the entire draft. Bargnani had and still has the skillset. The problem is we converted a guy to C when all he grew up as was a a PF. Is it like the Aldridge situation? Kinda. But AB had the body to play C while LA doesn't.

Bargnani is not the person/player holding this team back.

As for jeff mentioning the Kapono signing with everyone being ecstatic. That's BS. I believe the majority of Raptor fans wanted Pietrus out of Golden State. In fact, many thought it was a lock. He'd look pretty good in our uni right now.
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I read DraftExpress's original scouting report on Bargnani the other day and they said Bargnani had to decide whether to be a PF or a tall SF like Peja, and if he chose the former he'd have strength issues matching up with bigs

Now he's our center, haha : /
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signing jose for just a bit under what nash makes
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Originally Posted by ahhhnth View Post
signing jose for just a bit under what nash makes
He makes less $$ then:

Mo Williams
T.J Ford (same salary)
Baron Davis
And a few others.....

I'll take Calderon over any of those PG's with the possible exception of Ellis.
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