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Dr. J. Naismith 09-29-2009 02:38 PM

Raptors Republic: Unknowns Arenít Bad
Good read courtesy of Arsenalist via Raptors Republic. :reporter:


Originally Posted by Arsenalist via Raptors Republic
We’ve gone over the depth chart a million times but let’s recap:

* PG, Calderon, Jack: If Calderon is healthy, these two will provide a great 1-2 punch.
* SG, DeRozan, Belinelli: The most suspect position of the lot because of inexperience, but at the same time there’s potential for something spectacular. Compared to Parker and Kapono, the athleticism has increased by 500%.
* SF, Turkoglu, Wright: Both are good defenders, one’s a a great scorer. Defensively we’re more than OK here even though some of you feel that Marion’s loss is too much to bear. Key question: Will Turkoglu help with the rebounding in the starting lineup?
* PF, Bosh, Johnson, Evans – Most people fail to realize that experience and youth in the backup spots here is a good thing and not something to be frightened of. Bosh is in a contract year and will play like it, he doesn’t want to do anything that suggests he’s anything less than a max-player and that bodes well for us.
* C, Bargnani, Rasho – Rebounding is an issue. No doubt about it but let’s not panic until we see what Rasho has left in the tank and whether Bargnani will continue his strong play from last season or not.

Let’s pretend Bosh and Turkoglu don’t blow out their knees and are healthy for the majority of the season which is not a very unlikely assumption. Over 6 years, Bosh has played in 89% of games and Hedo over his career has played in 91%, going the full 82 and 77 in his last two years. Yes, if injury hits we’ll be stretched thin but at the same time, historically speaking, injury has not been a major issue for either of the two key pieces in this year’s puzzle.

Last year at this time we had Will Solomon, Roko Ukic, Hassan Adams and Jamario Moon set to play key roles, the challenge was overcoming the shortage of talent. This year the challenge is trying to gel new faces and mesh them into one working system. Last year we were forced to play a short rotation because there simply weren’t enough NBA players on the roster but things have changed to the point where we can be confident in being two-deep at every position except shooting guard where we have a rookie who could have a very bright future.

There are questions facing every team and the Raptors are no different. Training camp starts today and soon we’ll see whether there’s even a need to panic. Until then, let’s just chill.

Source - Unknowns aren’t bad – Raptors Republic - Raptors Blog ESPN TrueHoop

zachus 09-29-2009 02:39 PM

Key answer: Turkoglu needs to help with the rebounding in the starting lineup. As does Derozan. And Calderon. Yeah.

LX 09-29-2009 02:43 PM

I think I came up with a very similar perspective weeks and weeks ago, so I can only applaud.:yeah: And it's a nice counter-balance to all the dire need for certainty. Really - that stuff kills everything, whether it's being so sure that any team is going to go deep in the playoffs, or being dead certain that any team is a lock to miss the playoffs. There are surprises every year. Why not let them happen and enjoy?

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