Raptors Republic: Raps Fanís 3pt Shot
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Default Raptors Republic: Raps Fanís 3pt Shot

What would you guys do?

Originally Posted by Raps Fan from Raptors Republic
1) If you’re Colangelo, and both these guy are available. do you draft DeMar Rozan or Stephen Curry?

2) If we know Bosh wont resign, and Detroit comes knocking in the summer with an offer of Prince/Afflalo/Johnson, do we bite?

3) Is Giorgos Printezis a keeper, a poor mans Jorge Garbajosa, or is BC just putting lipstick on a pig and hoping the average fan wont know any better until the all-star break when Bosh gets traded and his addition will be forgotten? Should we be afraid of this swine flu?
Source - Raps Fan’s 3pt Shot + 1 - Raptors Republic
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saying too many dudes are Tyson Chandler, trying to lead their teams and went nowhere

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1) Between DeRozan and Curry, I'd choose Curry. I think DeRozan is a real shit for brains player, and Curry has a real lack of athleticism and height, but the kid can score - the basket is still the same size and the basket is the same height from the ground. That counts for something. Ideally, if these are the best 2 players on the board at our time of selection, I'd trade out and try to package this pick to get rid of our shyte contracts.

2) Prince/Afflalo/Johnson for Bosh? Yuck. I'm sorry, I know I'm in the minority on this, but I'd rather let the CB4 walk in 2010 than take those 3 in return.

3) Printezis is not Garbajosa. But if he's gonna come in here and play tough D, be in people's faces and under their skin, and knock down a shot or two, he'd be like Bruce Bowen or Matt Barnes.
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1 Curry
He can contribute from day 1, create his own shot and can score. He'll be our Jason Terry.
DeRozan will take a couple years. One scout mentioned him as a blank slate and he can become any player you want, problem is we don't have good sculptors (coaches)

2 No

3 Prinz is tougher
If Garbo role means international player that is a key bench piece than I think thats what he'll be
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1) I loke Hoops idea of trading the pickwith kaps if that doesn't work I'd say pick Curry.

2) Hell no not in a million years

3) I even said this in the thread about him a couple days ago, why not? He can be a good player if not don't sign him to another contract
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the basket might be the same, but the time you have to take a shot is much much worse. i don't want college hoops, so I have no idea how they play. All I know is that morisson was supposed to be a great shooter and he's dusting the end of the bench now ... if you're not athletic, it's really hard to find open looks in this league (reddick is another example).
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1. Derozan, No second thoughts, you dont need a coach to reach your potential, you need to be willing.

2. No, Try elsewhere.

3. Sure.. Pops experiment worked didnt it?
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Curry. Can't see Knicks passing on him though. Perfect fit for both D'Antoni and Lebron

No. Would only want Prince if we were dealing Bargs and going for a win now move. Dealing Bosh = go young, build for the future

Haven't watched him, can't judge
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