Raptors Republic: One more day till Gameday
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Default Raptors Republic: One more day till Gameday

Arsenalist's take on the Detroit/Denver deal:

Originally Posted by Arsenalist
Iverson to Detroit for Billups and McDyess. I just donít see what it adds for Denver except maybe instead of getting knocked out of the first round as the 8th seed theyíll get knocked out of the first round as the 6th seed. The impact on Detroit is two-fold. It improves their scoring and in some circles they might be considered a stronger threat to contend this year. More importantly, they clear 20M in cap space this summer as Iversonís contract is expiring. This summer is also when Rasheed Wallaceís 13M salary expires and next summer is when Richard Hamiltonís 11M are freed. Naturally everybody including our very own Michael Grange is saying that this is all positioning to take a swipe at Chris Bosh.

I donít care nor do I want to even talk about it. My feeling is that if we keep our own house clean and build a positive winning atmosphere we wonít have to worry about our players bolting off to other seemingly greener pastures. Thatís exactly what Colangeloís thoughts are about the situation:

ďYouíve got to be aware of whatís out there. But if we take care of our own business, build a competitive team and treat people right, players should want to stay here.Ē

There you have it. Letís stop looking over our shoulders at whoís about to grab our superstar and focus on not giving them a reason to leave. If you want more thereís Chad Ford who is calling Bosh Detroitís most realistic target. All I got out of that article is that Joe Dumars has really let himself go. Thatís all I got to say about the trade but you can have at it.
What the Raptors can expect Wednesday night vs. Detroit:

Originally Posted by Arsenalist
On Wednesday night weíll face our biggest test of the season and should we pass it then all the enthusiasm around the club might be warranted. If we lose in the same way we lost to Detroit last year it means the teamís not there yet.

This will be a tough game to win simply because itíll be the best defense weíve faced so far and relying on Bosh heroics alone to pull us through against Pistonsí team defense isnít going to work. It never has. Ever. Look it up. Weíll have more on the game tomorrow but it suffices to say that the preparation that has to go into a game against Detroit is significant because they do so many things well. Unlike the Warriors, we canít just worry about transition defense or unlike the Sixers we canít just focus on shutting down their wings. Whenever any team plays Detroit they have to shut down Detroit as a unit by troubling their well-oiled offense and cracking their disciplined defense with patience and perseverance. We just canít focus on one area of the game, to beat a true team like Detroit weíll have to play as a team and not just clear out for a player or two. Itíll be tough.
Source - Click here
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I can't imagine they'll be as well-oiled of a machine with Allen "Take 30 to score 20" Iverson, let alone with him playing his first game there.
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At the same time, players usually really step it up and put in beig games when they are playing for the first time with a new team. Especially big tag guys like Iverson.

I agree with the sentiment that this is our biggest test thus far, naturally.

All that matters is the W. I don't really care about AI.
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i actually like our chances vs the pistons with AI there and billups gone.
with billups, you know what you are up against and he brings his A game every night. The team plays better with him controlling the game.
AI will be all over the place... the players (especially AI) will be overly unselfish and AI will try too hard to get everyone involved - which is the complete opposite of his game.
we'll win.
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detroit is a great team with or without ai - probably slightly better with billups. When they're playing their game, it's very hard to beat them. Regardless, it will be a very tough game for us.
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the only thing that worries me is that Bosh has been owned defensively by Sheed in the past. He's really good at coaxing Bosh into turning the ball over and taking bad shots, most of them completely out of rhythm.
Our key is whether or not Bosh has grown intellectually in figuring out how to finally do to Sheed what he's done to pretty much everyone else.
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I'd pick the Raptors to win only because one day is not enough to Iverson to acclimate himself into the team. Then again he could go off for 50....
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Iverson could even drop down 60 on us for all we know. IF you look at it in a way there isn't really anyone who can guard him really. Jose can't keep up with his speed and Roko just as slow will get his ankles broken. You never know.
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