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fho 03-15-2008 06:52 PM

Raptors gave up on the roadtrip before it started.
Of course I may be wrong. The Denver game was a shameless effort, so it seemed.

It might just be me but it looked like... by the way the team played, the (lack of) intensity on their faces and the miserable/random player management from the coaching staff that the Raps went on the west coast road trip with the idea they were "just going to lose them all, but in the meantime let's experiment with player rotation, for future seasons/game".

There was just a lack of defense in the Denver game. A lack of toughness. If the coaching staff is going to allow all those mid-to-far range shots they better make every player take 2000 shots during practice days. Otherwise, develop a post-up game for anyone backing up Bosh. Bargnani & Rasho needs to develop a liking for posting up the opponents. Calderon needs to snap out of his funk, fight for time on the floor, get his midrange jumper back, and now and then break down the defense like he used to last year.

Bosh needs to rip the team in the locker room, if he ain't doing so.

Very frustrating road trip, so far. If it ain't poor player management it's poor playing from the players, especially on the defense.

Let's go Raps!!

The MVP of West Hollywood 03-15-2008 08:42 PM

They played hard(ish) in the Lakers and GS games... we were competitive

Denver was just pathetic though

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