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Acie 10-02-2012 08:25 AM

Raptors focus on evolving offence

“The offence we wanted to put in last year where we come down and play in flow, in random, we never got that because it was such a short training camp,” Casey said. “It was just going to take too long to get to that.

“We kind of got into it a little bit as the season went on but we will be into it full mode this year as far as coming down, playing random, whether it’s pick and rolls, pin downs, dribble handoffs or whatever. The guys will make those determinations bases on what the defence is giving them.”

What Casey says you won’t see this year is his team walking the ball up the court. An up-tempo offence is the goal and with the time and the personnel to run it, Casey heads into camp very confident.

“We have to score,” Casey said. “We did a terrible job last year of creating tempo as a coaching staff. We had to slow it down to give ourselves a chance to win. But this year we have better athletes, better three-point shooters and to utilize that we have to make sure we get out and run. Our whole thing is to be able to create tempo in the first four seconds or three seconds of the shot clock. We can’t walk the ball up the floor as we did last year.”

Also expected to get an overhaul is the Raptors second unit. Attrition only guaranteed the unit would be different, but Casey also wants its focus to be different.

“Where we had a dropoff last year is our first group would go in and hold par and kind of hang tough and our second unit would come in and then we would have to scratch and claw to get back in it after they had lost the lead,” Casey said. “That second unit for us is going to be huge. Offence will be their main goal, to push the ball to make sure we run in transition and keep the tempo at a high level offensively.”

It sounds like an awful lot of change until you consider Casey and his staff will have a full month to get it all in.
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