Raptors' fate dependent on two moves
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convinced that Raptors fans are only happy when they're unhappy.

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Default Raptors' fate dependent on two moves

It's a shame crystal balls don't actually exist, because could you imagine this team had BC not traded for Ford and still had CV and if we drafted Roy or Aldridge instead of "Gino Guido".

A decent read from Bob Levin at the Globe & Mail:

Originally Posted by Bob Levin
Here's the reality of these Raptors: For all Colangelo's astute manoeuvring, for all his squad's youth, depth and undeniable talent, this enterprise will ultimately rise or fall on the foundation-laying moves of June, 2006 — the drafting of Andrea Bargnani and the trade for T.J. Ford.

They, along with incumbent all-star Chris Bosh, are supposed to be the cornerstones of the franchise. The trio are routinely regarded as the Raptors' three best players, Ford as one of the better point guards in the league, and Bargnani as a unique offensive force about to wreak havoc on opposing defenders.

The problem with much of this accepted wisdom is that, at the moment at least, it doesn't happen to be true.

Yes, Bosh is a genuine NBA star — not a superstar, but a star and, on the Raptors, The Man.

But Ford, far from being one of the NBA's better points guards, may not even be the best point guard on his own team. In fact, this year's Ford model looks much like last year's: sleek and stylish, with superb acceleration and handling but a tendency to drive heedlessly into traffic (not to mention need frequent repairs). And for all his talk about accepting his role as playmaker and his time-sharing with Jose Calderon, somehow he's convinced he's The Man, particularly at crunch time, and when he scores big the Raptors usually lose.

Sports-radio callers, watching him slip into T.J.-first mode — watching the sudden flurries of between-the-legs dribbles, the spins, the reckless forays into the jam-packed paint while better marksmen stand panting at the three-point stripe — seem to know this intuitively.

Bargnani, meanwhile, remains mostly potential. He's a seven-footer who can shoot, run and pass the basketball, a match-up nightmare in the making. But his post game is still negligible and he keeps serving up that flatfooted three as his primary offensive offering, and melts like Italian ice when it won't go in. He's still suspect on defence and on the boards.
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i hate these types of articles. yeah what if.. blah blah.

regardless the CV for TJ trade worked out heavilly in our favor. People fail to realise that it was the Ford/Calderon combo that did so well for us. Not just one of the two of them. Charlie has likewise had motivation issues and isn't showing the form he had in his rookie campaign. Also, at the time of the trade, Jose's game wasn't close to as polished as it is now.

Also, I'm still not ready to write off Gino. He's just got some mental block right now. But he's too good and too versatile to be left for dead.
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I agree its just a "what if". Last year with this pieces,To got to 47 victories. Wasnt that good enough. It seems like BC has to be able to read the future. People like to be tragic.
Bargs has played well for most of his time as a Raptor, and has a lot of time and room to improve.
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