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Thug 03-15-2008 10:51 PM

Raptors biggest downfall?
What is one aspect of the Raptors game that you feel is their biggest downfall?

For the Toronto Raptors the biggest aspect of their game that I feel is their downfall is that they are too soft. Yeah that might sound a little weird and if you don't understand it bare with me while I explain. On December 11 2007, Al Horford attempting a miracle block from behind, smacked TJ Ford across the skull, sending him crashing headfirst to the floor leaving him seriously injured and causing him to miss the next 2 months of basketball. Now Horford later made his sympathy and apology for Ford public, but this does not change the fact that even while in the spur of the moment, the most vocal Toronto Raptor member was arguably Sam Mitchell. Upon viewing the injury himself, Cavaliers guard LeBron James said "Toronto didn't fight?" he said, watching the ugly replay. "Nobody on Toronto did nothing? Thats crazy". I couldn't agree with you more LeBron. I couldn't agree more. The Toronto Raptors have no tough players on their roster in my opinion. I don't mean tough as in Ron Artest dive into the stands tough or Carmelo Anthony punch you in the face then run tough, I mean a presence on the floor that will make opposing players re-think fouling you too hard. This toughness that we lack also relates to our defense, which some may claim is the Raptors worst downfall. In my opinion though, the real problem is that we need a leader on the floor that is more outgoing than Chris Bosh, a more vocal, physical presence. And unless we get one on our roster sooner rather than later, we are going to have a tough time being contenders in the NBA.

The MVP of West Hollywood 03-15-2008 10:56 PM

I think that is just about priority #1 for BC over the next year. I think he tried with Brezec, but he turned out to be more of a cartoon character than anything, so he'll keep looking

Jay 03-15-2008 10:59 PM

I've brought this up a few times. You have to establish some sort of cred. It's just like back in the high school days, when somebody tried to pick on a guy, but then that guy stepped up and surprisingly kicked some ass. Next time stuff was ready to start, people thought twice about it.

You're right, the Raptors don't need an Artest kind of guy to go nuts on people, just somebody who can effectively send the message that they aren't going to be messed with. I've made the reference to the Bad Boy Pistons back in the day a few times now. You KNEW if you were going into the lane or if you fouled somebody hard, you were going to get real close and personal with a few Pistons very quickly, starting with Bill Laimbeer.

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