Raptor part of next wave of NBA stars
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Default Raptor part of next wave of NBA stars

Doug had a nice article this morning in the Star discussing Bosh's status as a star in this league and brought up an interesting question.

Why isn't Bosh mentioned in the same breath as LeBron, Wade and Melo? Is it because he hasn't taken his team to the Finals yet, or he hasn't won individual awards, or is it a "he plays in Canada" thing, or is it because he's taking longer to develop than the other three have?

Why isn't Bosh a house hold name in the NBA yet?

Originally Posted by Doug Smith
Chris Bosh doesn't have the cachet of a LeBron James or a Dwyane Wade or even a Carmelo Anthony. When the Raptor all-star power forward was asked whether he considered himself a household name, he was quick to respond.

"Not yet."

But then before drawing even the slightest of breaths, he added:


The 23-year-old, who'll start his second straight All-Star Game and play in his third in a row here tonight, is hardly ever mentioned in the same sentence with James, Wade and Anthony, all members of a 2003 draft class that will go down in NBA history as one of the best of all time.

He doesn't have the flash or the style or the success of the others, and to casual fans he's just a good, young big man playing on a team held in little regard.

That's where casual fans are wrong. That "household name" stuff doesn't hold true when NBA types start talking.

"It comes in conversation with people in the league," said Boston's Doc Rivers, who decided to start Bosh tonight for the injured Kevin Garnett.

"It doesn't come into conversation with the casual fan and it should come in. When you mention Dwyane Wade (and) LeBron, Chris Bosh's name has to be in that conversation every single time."
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Originally Posted by Dr. J. Naismith View Post

Why isn't Bosh a house hold name in the NBA yet?

Cause he hasnt stepped up like Wade and Lebron have....those guys took the game over when it mattered most...CB4 aint there yet.
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Probably because those guys are... better then Bosh? Done more then Bosh (except maybe Melo, who btw is top 3 in scoring). But i do think being in Canada hurts your worldwide exposure, I love Bosh as a player and a person, but he isnt on the level of those 3, to be 100% honest. Wade lead his team to a championship, LeBron is one of the best al around players, Melo i guess is the most like Chris, but he scores more. Bosh is the best player on a decent team, you dont see Josh Smith being a household name so to speak, but i consider him a much more complete player then Chris, but he is in Atlanta, the same can be said for many players in the league that arent on "bigtime" teams.
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come on, if we're honest - Bosh is not in the same league with those players. Carmelo maybe, but anthony wasn't in the same media's breath either, until he had that execelent summer with US basketball. That's when he started getting more praise.

Bosh has yet to accomplish anything, he has decent numbers, all-star level - but he was invisible in the playoffs, he was mostly invisible at the worlds, he's mostly invisible at the all-star game. Whenever there are spotlights, he fails to dominate.
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