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Originally Posted by Dr. J. Naismith View Post
I don't think this would really be up for discussion if we had a healthy Garbo and Ford in the line-up for this season. We miss the Garbo from last year more than some would suspect and the same for Ford. Garbo wasn't a beast of a guy, but we desperately need his toughness, defense and rebounding abilities.
I agree. TJ with his quickness and Garbo with his knowledge of the game were two very good tools that right now we haven't.
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Originally Posted by •LX• View Post
Take TJ out of the lineup just when they are hitting their stride - and hell yeah they are not finding their identity yet.

But yeah - lest we forget - TJ sucks. So it can't be that big of a deal can it?

Actually it is. This team misses him as much as it would miss Bosh, maybe more. He makes everyone, including Delfino, and including Jose, better.
Honestly LX, who is saying this????

I can't think of anyone... We dearly miss having a second PG. However, it's not clear cut who is the better PG between TJ and Calderon. Personally I feel we are a better team w/ Calderon starting, playing ~30-35 mins a night because he takes good care of the ball (please don't bring up tonight's 4 TO's either as he did get 13 assists...), plays in control and keeps the offense moving smoothly with his ball movement.

I really like having both Calderon and TJ, and I wouldn't really mind having both of them on the team, even if we're paying them each $8M or so.

Also, this team does not miss TJ as much as Bosh. He's in contention for player of the month for January, and he's our primary weapon inside. He has personally demolished several teams in January with 30+ point games. We go as far as CB4 carries us...
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