Raps coaching staff employing quantitative data analysis
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Lightbulb Raps coaching staff employing quantitative data analysis

"They break stuff down like you've never seen," Triano said of the two men who crunch the numbers and provide the information the Raptors are using more now than they ever have. "It's possession-by-possession, player-by-player, combinations of players, points per possession, where we're scoring, where we're not scoring, it just gives us another tool to help us get better at both ends."

Triano's relationship with one of the consultants Alex Rucker dates back to when the two men knew each other in B.C. and has reached an unexpected level.

Rucker was hired at Simon Fraser University just before Triano left the school to work with the Vancouver Grizzlies, and the two have stayed in touch over the years. Rucker now works for the U.S. government, Triano said, and works with a partner doing statistical analysis of basketball as a hobby.

"There's a lot of mathematics to it and a lot of stuff where they break down, charts where they look at everything that's going on around the league, like where the shots came from, who's guarding who," said Triano. "They love doing this stuff and it gives us a different look at things."

Because it is proprietary information, the Raptors aren't about to give up many of the specifics of the data they receive. But the desire to have the team shoot more three-pointers comes from knowledge gleaned that not only do those shots create a high points-per-possession yield, they also provide a greater chance for offensive rebounds.

And if you see Toronto try to win a two-point game on the last possession rather than play for a tie to get to overtime, realize that not only is that two-point, game-tying basket not a sure thing, neither is an overtime win, so going for it on one shot makes more statistical sense.

"It's a different view and way of looking at the game," said Triano.
LINK - Toronto Star
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So, let me get this straight, statistics play an important part in basketball?

Who would have ever thought that?

Me, thats who.
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Important...no. Maybe if you're lacking in the qualitative analysis department.
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