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moremilk 12-19-2009 07:50 PM

Quick road to success
We are averaging 104 ppg and allowing 108ppg
However, it's little doubt that our offense scores 104 not due to some magical system - we just have great offensive players

On the surface, most of our team is composed from players who in theory could be good defenders. Other than jose and turkoglu, nobody is too slow or too short to defend well.

So, is it conceivable that merely by bringing a defensive minded coach like JVG, who could (easily) bring our allowed ppg to double digits, this team could increase the win total by 30-40%? From 40 or so to 50+?

LX 12-19-2009 08:00 PM


I think they could just as easily see a better schedule and accomplish just as much, while keeping Jose in the second unit if and when he comes back, and getting reinforcement from Reggie.

And the offense needs to change, in that they need to stop forcing the running game, and only go with it off of the kinds of turnovers and defensive stops they got last night. By forcing the running game, and getting too many rushed shots and bad transition defense, they are hurting themselves defensively. When they play more of a half-court game, which suits guys like Bargnani, and Hedo, and even Bosh, then they get the games where they keep the opposing team below 100, and win.

Not to mention that JVG is not going to come running here in midseason.

I can hardly wait until they throw four or five wins together and we get you calling for a JT coty award - just sayin'.

Carlito 12-20-2009 08:11 AM

I posted my comments below on another thread yesterday, but I think they apply here as well ....

Well I will provide a completely different view and some common agreed facts ...
- Our defense sucks, but that's not why we suck as a team
- Aggressiveness doesn't start on the defensive end only ... how you manage your offense and more importantly the offensive boards sets the tone
- my biggest frustration with Bargs and Turk (both big and mobile players) is that they watch from the outside when Bosh or anyone is shooting the ball. Clogging the middle may hamper Bosh's lane, but it will allow our bigs to fight. I never see any elbows or anger on the offensive boards. With our 3 bigs, we should be dominating the offensive boards and get the other teams frustrated and tired. Typically, we watch while the other team has 4 guys waiting for the defensive boards
- Basically, I'm suggesting to change our offensive set-up and force dominance there..
- 2 players will need to sit back to some level or we then risk the fast break .. given this is already a problem

In summary ... If Bargs, Turk, and Bosh get big in the offensive end ... then this will flow to our defense ... stop watching and mix it up.

Amir brings most of his hustle in the offensive end ... he's actually not that good on the defensive boards, but we love him because of his hustle.

If I was Triano I would change our perspective ...
- Change the offense ... be under the boards
- If you don't hustle on the offensive boards ... you sit on the bench


Snooch 12-20-2009 08:46 AM

Defensively this team pisses me off, every single player needs to be big and be a man.

Having a front court consisting of basicall 3 7 footers and a 6 foot 7 guy at sg who is extremly athletic and even a pg who is big, there is no reason that this team shouldnt if nothing else take up alot of room and keep there hands up and clog lanes just by making themselves big.

moremilk 12-20-2009 03:08 PM

my point was that traditionally, the knock on a guy like van gundy was that his teams suck offensively

but this team would shine on offense regardless of the coach, so a defensive coach would be much better suited ...

henrymakepeace 12-21-2009 08:32 AM

Bring in a Euro assistant who can apply different versions of good zone defense.

TORaptor4Ever 12-21-2009 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by moremilk (Post 295333)
my point was that traditionally, the knock on a guy like van gundy was that his teams suck offensively

but this team would shine on offense regardless of the coach, so a defensive coach would be much better suited ...

Do you really believe that?

Jeez... once again... ANY positives from the game are due to the players and any negatives are due to the coach.... why is that?

Our offense has looked like SHIT some games and people were calling for Triano's head because of THAT... now that the offense looks better again we should assume that he hasn't done anything to get our guys easier looks?

How about putting the ball in Hedo's hands more often to keep him more involved?

How about the coaching staff telling Bargnani to play inside more and use his size rather than just spotting up at the arc?

How about Bosh playing farther out on the elbow rather than down low so that he can take advantage of his quickness or have more space to pass (also makes it harder to double him)?

Honestly... if you're going to rip Triano when things go wrong at least give him SOME praise when things go right.

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