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probably lurking

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Originally Posted by KoolAid View Post
Who is Peter Vescey? #clown

one more time
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kicking himself for being so emotionally invested in the Roller-coaster Raptors

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Maybe DeRozan was tired and saving his legs for the end of the game?

Peter Vecsey has always been a tool, and the Raptors have always been one of his favourite targets.

I still remember close to a decade ago he was talking about the Lakers when Shaq was injured for about 10 games and Kobe was forced to carry the team by himself (to varying degrees of success) and he referred to the Shaq-less Lakers as:

"The Raptors with better jerseys"

(Since Vince was doing a similar 1-man show up in TO). Vecsey is a hack, and always has been. He doesn't know or care about enough teams in the league to have a valid opinion.
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is back baby

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Yeah Vescey is becoming a charactature of himself, however bad that second tweet was, the first has merit.

If demar was resting his legs or whatever, it could have waited 30 seconds until the huddle was over.

I don't think it was done with any intent or whatever, but I would bet if he had to replay that moment in time over again he would be with the team in the huddle. Just looked bad thats all.
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I haven't seen any of this guys articles/reports on in a very long time. Nor has he appeared on any major broadcasts as far as I can recall. I guess in his own way, he's at the end of the bench moping. Not sure if his opinions were ever respected anyways.
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Haven't seen him in awhile.. I think when they had NBA on NBC was when you would see him more often
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Never heard of Peter Vescey. Guy seems like a tool, I dont see how DeRozan can be a chemistry wrecker compared to others around the league on various teams Lol.

Meh despite him not being in the huddle it could just be him calming down and refocusing for when he gets back into the game. He was getting pretty frustrated up to and when he got his 5th foul. so...
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DeMar has hit faults as a player but I don't think anyone can question his character and loyalty to his teammates.
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lol look at the one agrees with him lol
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